“Blink” Retail: Dries van Noten in Paris

I’m having a Dries van Noten moment. Or perhaps it’s that Dries is having a moment. Either way, this is true fashion love. The pre-collection and the first few Spring ’14 deliveries have been an absolute feast for the fashion senses. Oh for a magic porridge pot of cash to enable me to indulge in this crush of mine. Actually ‘crush’ makes this seem to be something quite light and sweet. In fact the Dries van Noten collection is far more cerebral than that, working above and beyond fashion in the same way that Margiela or Marni do.

During our recent Paris expedition, we stopped at the Dries Quai Malaquais store. What a treasure trove of Belgian beauty. This shot is from one of the gorgeous window displays. ‘Wow’ is about all I can say about this incredible confection.

Dries van Noten

Dries van Noten

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Pattern: Globetrotting

This is another great look that we wanted to share with you from the last “Blink” print report. Just so that you all feel nicely back in a Summer moment after yesterday’s Autumnal post, here’s a perfectly styled High Summer statement. Its not on a real live person this time. This is in fact the work of the award winning VM team at Harvey Nichols.

Its a look that we have been talking about in our print reports for some time. ‘Ethnic’ prints pop up to varying degrees every Summer, but this time there has been a fresh approach, mainly through styling. This is a really energetic look when you blend references, scales and techniques, like a global traveler! Its hard to express that when showing you close ups of singular prints, but we think you could pretty much take any combination from a global grab bag of references and techniques to create the look.

Here Harvey Nics have blended some print masters to create a really pacey statement with items from Marni, Dries van Noten and Jonathan Saunders.

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Dries van Noten, Marni and Jonathan Saunders all styled together in the Harvey Nichols window