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The BBC invite you to go back in time…

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

I’ve been contacted by Wall to Wall media. No, they haven’t offered to make my very own reality TV series (which would be called ‘One women and her obsession with fashion and felines’ obvs). They were in fact asking for my help in recruiting some participants to take part in a very exciting upcoming TV programme all about life in Victorian London. This is not a sponsored post, but in the spirit of full disclosure I am…

  • a) interested in putting myself forward to take part and
  • b) loved ‘Back in Time for Dinner’ which Wall to Wall also made, but mostly as I have a very soft spot for Giles Coren

There, now that’s out of the way let’s get into the thick of this new programme’s raison d’etre. The aim is to transport people back to Victorian East End London to experience living in a tenement at that time, in as true and honest a way as is possible. Just to paint a fuller picture for you, here’s an actual picture of a Victorian East London tenement…

East London tenement living. Image swiped from Pinterest with thanks

East London tenement living. Image swiped from Pinterest with thanks

So this is pre Welfare State, pre female suffrage, pre most home comforts for the general populace (including indoor plumbing), pre touche eclat and pre epilady. Although it will undoubtably be a challenge, if you do take part I think you will have a newly minted appreciation for pretty much anything and everything that you take for granted in your life, let alone a unique insight in to this amazing city of ours during a very formative period in its history.

BBC Victorian Living History Series needs you

I am so very tempted, plus I think I’d look good in a pinny and a mob cap…

“Blink” Interiors: Inspiration from Columbia Road Flower Market

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

If you follow our instagram, you’ll know that I have been reworking a few things at Blink Towers. I have turned my design skills from fashion to interiors, starting off with a kitchen redesign and refit. I learnt so much during this process and I cannot wait to share the journey with you. Before we get into the cut and thrust, dust and very gritty nitty gritty, I have this rather more accessible and easily translatable post to share with you.

We live in a Victorian terrace house conversion, connecting to our neighbours on the right in an ‘L’ shaped layout. This means that our kitchen window looks out over the space created. This is lovely in that we have natural light etc, but the view ain’t much to write home about. Additionally, it means that we have our neighbour’s window pretty much looking at us too. When I get up in the morning and make my first coffee looking like some sort of walking dead, I don’t want to freak the neighbours out too much. Therefore I needed to come up with some sort of window covering.

My kitchen herbs and I love the light too much to choose a curtain or any frosted glass, so I decided to go for something far more partial, transparent and decorative. I collect Mid Century glass, and it always looks better with the light shining through it. I also love fresh flowers. Combine those elements and this is what you get. You get a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market followed by some artful arranging.

Flowers in my kitchen, creating a floral window screen, Columbia Road flower market, cut flowers, Mid Century glass, interior decor

Flowers in my kitchen, creating a floral window screen.

Flowers in my kitchen, creating a floral window screen, Columbia Road flower market, cut flowers, Mid Century glass, interior decor

Flowers in my kitchen

Now I do realise this isn’t quite enough cover to enable utterly privacy (i.e. some clothing is required…) but it does give some coverage, as well as enhancing my view as well as theirs no doubt. And this looks totally different throughout the day and evening which just adds even further to my delight.

Flowers in my kitchen, creating a floral window screen, Columbia Road flower market, cut flowers, Mid Century glass, interior decor

Flowers in my kitchen, creating a floral window screen

Flowers in my kitchen, creating a floral window screen, Columbia Road flower market, cut flowers, Mid Century glass, interior decor

Flowers in my kitchen

Flowers in my kitchen, creating a floral window screen, Columbia Road flower market, cut flowers, Mid Century glass, interior decor

Flowers in my kitchen, creating a floral window screen

Looking forward to sharing more from our kitchen adventure with you very soon. In the meantime, just look here for more lifestyle posts.

“Blink” Events: Turntables at Shapes, Hackney Wick

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015


Do you like food? Do you like music? If you answered ‘yes’ to either or both of those, then you’re probably our kinda person. You’ll also be Turntables kinda person too. This event could be the perfect gentle intro to the 2015 festival season.

Kicking off on Thursday 7th May, and then running every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Turntables takes up a 3 month residency on the terrace of Shapes, canalside at Hackney Wick. As you can see from this video created of the 2014 event, it’s going to be a feast for your gob and your earholes.

Turntables gather together some of the superstars of the streetfood scene alongside some mean movers and shakers (geddit) from the cocktail world- and it’s all delivered with a fabulous soundtrack curated by Shapes featuring a diverse line up of established and fresh faced DJ’s.

Hailed last year as “Top of the Pop-Ups” by Timeout, we think this looks like a darn good reason to head Eastside.

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“Blink” Retail: O’Dell’s

Friday, April 17th, 2015
Tom, founder of O'Dell's store on Calvert Avenue, East London

Tom, founder of O’Dell’s store on Calvert Avenue, East London

You have to hit East London up on a regular basis as the speed of change with shopping and social options will make your head spin. On one such foray we came across O’Dell’s. This wee gem of a store is conjoined with Luna and Curious (another Blink fav) on Calvert Avenue (running between Arnold Circus and Shoreditch High Street). This compact space is filled with beautifully crafted, unique and innovative products that have been selected with care by owner, Tom O’Dell (yes,yes).

O’Dell’s taste seems to be for the natural, functional and honest- along with a large serving of good design and refined finishing. Much of the product is UK made by small producers, like the beautiful wool rug hanging in the shot above. Although not exclusively for the boys, if you are stuck with what to buy for a fella in your life, then this is a great place to head. Here are some of our favourites that are available in-store and in the O’Dell’s online shop

From O'Dell's: Made in London copper planter by Pikku Potin

From O’Dell’s: Made in London copper planter by Pikku Potin

From O'Dell's: Honest - Yuzu candle

From O’Dell’s: Honest – Yuzu candle

From O'Dell's: Outpost Large Leather Key Ring

From O’Dell’s: Outpost Large Leather Key Ring

From O'Dell's: Rough Diamond Cage - Old Gold

From O’Dell’s: Rough Diamond Cage – Old Gold

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“Blink” Music: Citadel, the new East London festival is announced!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
New East London festival, Citadel, headliners announced!

New East London festival, Citadel, headliners announced!

Hot off the presses we are so excited to be sharing this news with you all. Wilderness, Communion, Superfly, Soundcrash & Time Out present Citadel, a brand new festival to be held in Victoria Park, East London, and two of our absolute favourites are headlining!

Ben Howard said: “We’re so excited about this one – great to have Bombay Bicycle Club along-side us and we’re booking some of our personal favourites to join us on the bill. Going to be a special day.”

Jamie MacColl, lead guitarist of Bombay Bicycle Club said: “We’re really looking forward to hosting a day of brilliant music (and hopefully sunshine!) with our friend Ben Howard.”

Blink London said: “We will be there mob-handed and with bells on. Whoop whoop!”

For loads more of info on tickets, the line up and all that jazz, just look here on the Citadel website, or find them across social media.

“Blink” Streetstyle: East London

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
East London streetstyle, Blink London

East London streetstyle, Blink London

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“Blink” Streetstyle: East London

Friday, May 30th, 2014
East London Streetstyle from Blink London

East London streetstyle from Blink London

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“Blink” streetstyle: East London

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
Blink London streetstyle shots from East London

Blink London streetstyle shots from East London

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“Blink” Retail: Stylish Valentine’s Gifts from Pitfield

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Pitfield London

Pitfield London's Valentine gift suggestions

Pitfield London's Valentine gift suggestions

If you’re as disorganized or indecisive as us when it comes to gift buying and you’re running a little last minute for Valentine’s, we think that this is the perfect solution. Pitfield London have pulled together their suggestion of the perfect Valentine’s gifts from their East London shop. As always, you can guarantee that what they are suggesting is super stylish, chic and also pretty unique. Perfect for the one that you love should they be rather picky (check), style conscious (check) and allergic to anything too sickly, commercial and obvious (check, check, check!).

So stop running about in panicked circles and get thee to Old Street ASAP!

“Blink” Retail: Etat Libre d’Orange à Londres Est

Friday, November 8th, 2013

I’m a very sensitive-nosed person and so scents are a very important thing to me. I’m in a long standing love affair with Jo Malone‘s Red Roses and Diptyque‘s L’Ombe dans L’Eau (every lady has a day and an evening scent don’t they?). It would take something pretty spectacular to change what have been my signature scents for several years now, but I think perhaps I might have found a new contender!

When I was in Paris in September I came a cross a store that was new to me. I was first drawn in by the bold pop art style graphics and after crossing the threshold I was totally immersed into the world of Etat Libre d’Orange, avant garde French fragrance house. This is a burgeoning market and barely a week passes without us learning about a new brand of premium scenting products. Well, these guys have approached their craft in such a unique and innovative way, from the environment to the names, and of course to the scent themselves that I think this is a stand out label that will soon be as well known as that other French scenting institution, Diptyque.

The store in Le Marais (69 rue des Archives) is a quirky combination between vintage pieces and super shiny, glossy imagery. The scents are neatly arranged on a central table and the very knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you navigate through the varied and brilliantly composed scent offer.

Etat Libre d'Orange, Paris

Etat Libre d'Orange, Paris

Etat Libre d'Orange, Paris

Etat Libre d'Orange, Paris

The young man who was helping me understand whether I was feeling more ‘Fat Electician’ (vertiver, chestnut cream, olive leaves, vanilla, opoponax, myrrh…) or ‘Putain des Palaces’ (rose absolute, violet, leather, lily of the valley, tangerine, ginger…) happened to mention that the label had just opened their first outpost in London, so upon returning home I made my way over to Redchurch Street to have a look at the new store.

Etat Libre d'Orange, London

Etat Libre d'Orange, London

In stark contrast to the Paris store, this East London shop, designed by Shed, is quite clinical with a touch of the laboratory about it. It feels utterly appropriate for the area, and also the innovative and cutting edge nature of this brand. I love the simplicity and functionality of the space which utterly puts the perfumes at the centre of the experience. I met with Heba, who masterminded the brand’s arrival in London. She helped me to navigate around the scent options a little further and encouraged me to step away from my usual rose based choices. Heba described ‘Fils de Dieu’ to me and I was utterly entranced. It sounded more like a recipe for a wonderful Thai curry than the composition of a perfume, featuring ginger, coriander, lime, shiso, jasmine, rice, cardamon, cinnamon and coconut. I braced myself and allowed Heba to spritz me up.

Fils de Dieu, Etat Libre d"Orange

Fils de Dieu, Etat Libre d"Orange

As I carried on with my day, letting the scent settle with my skin’s chemistry (never choose on first sniff!) I loved this perfume more and more as it developed. The start was like the smell of tropical holidays with coconut mainly coming through, along with sweet floral elements. After about 20 minutes the coconut had stepped back to allow the deeper elements to emerge with musk and amber giving this a very sexy edge. I think I have found my new scent addiction so I will be back on Redchurch Street this weekend to make a purchase. I mean who could resist a perfume that’s described with the statement “de la confusion des genres a la theorie du sexe des anges” which translates as “the blurring of a theory about the sex of angels”. That is poetry in a bottle.

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