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We’re Back, We’re Backless

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

If you’re following Blink London on insta then you’ll know I am holidaying in Bali right now. More to come on that- but what my hols also means is that I have had a minute to get stuck back in to my badly ignored blog. No excuses, but things have been pretty darn fabulously hectic at Blink Towers for the past few months. I have not been practicing what I preach about making sure you set aside a regular time slot to keep your blog posts rolling and for that I am sorry (not sorry cos there’s been amazing stuff afoot!).

Well, taking an evening out from my holiday to indulge in my passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, at my trusty laptop, cocktail by my side, surf crashing just beyond the open french doors is no great hardship- and I promise to keep the flow of news, excitement, information and inspiration flowing again!

I am getting my blogging groove back on with a focus on beautiful back views, and not just for the wonderfully appropriate post title opportunity. As a designer I have found myself taking more interest in back details of garments than the fronts recently, and more specifically split, slashed and open, plunging backs. I wanted to share some great inspirational images with you, all swiped from Pinterest with hugest love, thanks and appreciation.

The open back has been getting lost of catwalk love in recent shows, is a great streetstyle looks (backwards shirts are part of this too) as well as spotted in exquisite vintage styles. Here are some of my favourites for you to enjoy, and for more just hit up Blink London on Pinterest.

Pinterest, streetstyle, They All Hate Us, split back shirt, fashion inspiration, Blink London

Streetstyle from Pinterest and TheyAllHateUs

Rochas, white dress, Resort 2017, Vogue Runway, Pinterest, fashion inspiration, Blink London

Rochas Resort 2017, from Pinterest

Dior, vintage Dior, 1962, Paris Fashion Week, fashion inspiration, Blink London

Dior model Kouka at Paris fashion show, February 1962 swiped from Pinterest

Balenciaga, Pinterest, open back dress, Blink London, fashion blog, fashion inspiration

Balenciaga, swiped from Pinterest

the sartorialist, Pinterest, fashion inspiration,, fashion blog, Blink London, swiped from Pinterest

B.H. Wragge, Norman Parkinson, vintage Vogue, Vogue 1965,  Pinterest

B.H. Wragge, photo by Norman Parkinson for Vogue 1965, swiped from Pinterest

For more fashion inspiration, just take a look here.

Valentino AW16 show, interview by Tim Blanks

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

I wanted to share this brilliant Tim Blanks/BoF interview with you.

A wonderful and intelligent insight in to the inspiration behind the Valentino AW’16 collection. Not only wonderful to see those clothes moving, as they were conceived to be, but also to understand the designer’s vision behind the collection. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Picciol steal my heart yet again.

For more inspirational fashion show posts, just take a look here.

“Blink” Events: Fix Up and more!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Huge apologies that we have been a bit absent on the Blink London blog for the past week. We did leave you with a stunning #MusicMonday from Lionbabe to keep you entertained in the meantime though, as well as lots of pretty Instagram pictures, tweets and FB updates. It’s just been a particularly hectic time here at Blink Towers.

Today’s post is to get you in the loop of what we have been up to as well as giving ourselves a right big pat on the back for all that’s been achieved by the team in a very short amount of time.

Fix Up Look Sharp in aid of CLIC Sargent, cancer charity, supporting childern with cancer, upcycling fashion, sustainable fashion

Fix Up Look Sharp in aid of CLIC Sargent

So first off, last week we spent the day working with CLIC Sargent’s Fix Up Look Sharp team. We first met these guys at the official launch event for this brilliant upcycling fashion venture and were blown away by their commitment, resourcefulness and creativity. We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them and support their efforts to raise more money for the CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people, and their families. CLIC Sargent provide much needed clinical, practical, financial and emotional support.

Ruth, the creative driving force behind the Fix Up Look Sharp label, sustainable fashion, fashion designer, upcycled fashion, CLIC Sargent, childrens cancer charity

Ruth, the creative driving force behind the Fix Up Look Sharp label

The Fix Up team, most of them voluntary, spent the day with us last week so that we could work with them on how they could further spread the word about their fabulous upcycled, sustainable fashion collection to a wider audience through blogging and social media. I can’t wait to see the results. Guys, I will be checking up on you!

Blink London's 'Intro to Blogging and Social Media' workshop, learn about blogging, social media, London based blogging class, fashion blogging, lifestyle blogging, beauty blogging

Blink London’s ‘Intro to Blogging and Social Media’ workshop

Actually this proved a great practice run for our ‘Intro to Blogging and Social Media’ workshop that we are running for the first time this year from tonight. We’ll be at Parlour Kensal Green for our sold out session so there has been lots of prep to do to make sure this runs perfectly. You can read more about it here. We still have spaces on our May 5th and 6th session so email us if you’d like to come along.

I’m also giving at talk about social media at the rather fabulous Electric House, so if you are a member please do come along and listen. It’s only an hour so you can all feel empathetic workshop attendees who are with me 7 hours!

Know your @ from your #, my talk at Electric House

Know your @ from your #, my talk at Electric House

On top of all of this we have also been overhauling our reporting service. As the fashion world is becoming more globalised, and there is more and more free information available on the interweb, the fashion industry’s support services, like Blink London, have had to redirect their efforts and find new ways to work with clients.

'Blink Instants', Blink London's brand new monthly publication, fashion forecasting, fashion inspiration, gashion news, British fashion,

‘Blink Instants’, Blink London’s brand new monthly publication

Blink Instants is a brand new approach for us, moving away from simply retail reporting and in to something that is far more unique, exciting and diverse. This has been created with the fashion womenswear market in mind but the diversity of content means that this could be a wonderful tool for any creative industry or service (interior design, product design, visual merchandising teams etc).

We are planning this report will only be available as a soft copy to capitalize on the nimble, swift and ‘instant’ way we work as a small boutique-style service. We are keeping everything crossed as this is a big change for us. As soon as we have more to share with you we will be updating our The Reports page so keep an eye out for that.

So I hope that you’ll forgive us for leaving you hanging, but we will be resuming your usual fabulous service on the blog very, very soon!

“Blink” Inspiration: AW’15 Forecaste

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

We set out to create a set of simple show reviews from our favourite AW’15 London shows, but as we were going through all of the coverage we got distracted. You see, it’s impossible to select looks from the shows without feeling a certain mood or inspiration coming through, noticing iterations on certain silhouettes, proportions, textiles, colours and patterns.

Please be assured that those show reviews are coming, and there are some exciting steps forward in the handwriting of many of the London labels to see, but before we get there we’d like to share with you what we are now feeling rather fixated upon. It’s pretty easy to pick out a period of reference as a style shorthand when forecasting, but when we looked at these shows it all became far more specific than that. We felt that many of the labels, as diverse as they are, looked to have been inspired by the very particular design aesthetic of the Vienna Secession and the Wiener Werkstatte.

Blink London AW15 fashion forecast, Wiener Werkstatte, Vienna Sucession, fashion trends, fashion inspiration

Blink London AW15 forecast: Wiener Werkstatte

The Wiener Werkstatte was a group of multidisciplinary studios and workshops in Vienna who’s focus was on living in and with art in every aspect of life. They spanned about 30 years from just before 1900, and so this group explored design aesthetics that incorporated both Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Their use of pattern and form was bold, linear and really utterly innovative, from architecture to fashion.

If you’d like to explore this groups work then look at Josef Hoffmann, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. For a muse, Klimt’s model and life partner, fashion designer and businesswoman, Emilie Floge, who is featured on our moodboard top centre, and bottom right of centre, is the perfect candidate. While this innovation was happening in Vienna, running parallel to this group and creating a quite similar aesthetic were the amazing Glasgow School of Art focussed artists and designers like Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

I hope you can see why we have headed off on this particular tangent when you see the show coverage we’ll be posting! You can also see quite a bit of late 60’s, Prada-esque ‘ugly beauty’ and lots of wonderful craft feeling embroidery and textile manipulation.

“Blink” Inspiration: Teatum Jones, AW’15 preview

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Tomorrow Teatum Jones will be presenting their new season collection as part of London Fashion Week. Prior to that we are delighted to share an exclusive preview of what Rob Jones and Catherine Teatum have been inspired by for AW’15.

Here’s a corner of their moodboard, and some of their key words…

Teatum Jones AW15 Moodboard Snippet

Teatum Jones AW15 Moodboard Snippet

‘Speed, soul, grit, northern, exhilaration, aspiration, keeping your feet on the ground and your hearts in the air’

Knowing this gifted pair, the show is bound to be supported by an amazing soundtrack too. I’m expecting the music to have something to do with Gloria Jones as she seems to be the TJ muse for this season, even dropping in to their studio last week to meet the team. I wonder if she’ll make a personal appearance tomorrow too?

For more inspiration, just look here. For more from us about Teatum Jones, look here.

“Blink” Inspiration: Dior, pre-fall 2014

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Back to our pre fall show posts. Did you enjoy the Preen, Nina Ricci, Chloe and Phillip Lim reviews? Gosh, as fast as we can post show reviews, we can’t quite keep up with the fashion world as Paris is now knee deep in the Couture collections. Before we know it we’ll be in the midst of the main Autumn Winter ’14 shows too. What a whirl of wonderfulness!

Anyway, before we are thoroughly distracted let’s get a few more pre-season reviews in for you, and next on our agenda is Dior. I am totally in love with what Simons has done with Dior. He was a perfect choice to bring the house back in to the spotlight (and in the spotlight for all the right reasons). I really enjoy how you can see his style as well as appreciate what Dior stands for.

As is to be expected, the pre-season show is quite experimental and a little more fun feeling than the full blown collections. Continuing on the graphic, colour blocking theme, we really love the clean lines of this look, building on what we have come to expect from this label based on the evolution of the past few season’s aesthetic. There is something a little more playful here too. I for one didn’t expect to see an MA1 jacket inspired look from Dior! Innovative proportions are supported by a combination of structured and fluid textiles, and enhanced with a strong hand with boldly contrasting colours.

I’m not totally convinced by those orthopedic looking neck bands though…

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

Dior, pre-fall '14. Images with thanks to

All show shots are from with huge respect and thanks. For more inspiration, just have a look here.

“Blink” Reports: A frighteningly good offer for Halloween!

Friday, October 25th, 2013

If you’d like to find out more about our reports, just take a look here. If you’d like to see a copy and place an order, just contact us on, or have a look here to see who is your nearest agent.

Thanks to Pinterest where we swiped this gorgeous cat image from. If we had tried to put this hat on Bobby the ‘Blink” cat, to get our own picture, then that would have truly been a Halloween bloodbath!

“Blink” Events: Fashionably Late at Tate Britain, Friday 7th June

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Do you like a bit of art, a bit of culture, a bit of a one off event and a bit of fashion, oh and something that’s free too? Well, then I hope you’re free this Friday as the Tate Britain is hosting a brilliant ‘Tate Late’ event chock full of good stuff put together by members of Tate Collective and Student Ambassadors from University of the Arts London Widening Participation Department.

There’s music curated by Fabric, a clothes swap event organized by Superswish, a sound art installation by Mark Peter Wright, art based discussions with members of the Tate’s expert team, nailwraps designed by artist Phoebe Davies, a fashion show presenting work by young designers inspired by works at the Tate amongst other things! And breathe…

UAL Fashion Show at Tate Britain, Late at Tate, 2012

UAL Fashion Show at Tate Britain, Late at Tate, 2012

SuperSwish at Late at Tate

SuperSwish at Late at Tate © Mo Tormany

Nailwraps at Late at Tate by Phoebe Davies

Nailwraps at Late at Tate by Phoebe Davies © Phoebe Davies

It all kicks off at 6.00pm and is over by 9.30pm so don’t dilly dally as you’ll miss out on something wonderful. Have a look here for more details. See you there!

“Blink” Inspiration: Grace x Raf = Dior SS’13?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Cruising through Pinterest, as I’m pretty guaranteed to do instead of actually walking away from my computer between projects or tasks, I spotted this gorgeous shot of Grace Kelly. It did remind me very much of a look that I love from a rather brilliant Spring Summer ’13 collection.

So, do we think Raf Simons is a Grace Kelly fan? I’m certainly a Raf Simons fan.

Grace Kelly, on the left. Raf Simons' Dior Collection for SS'13, on the right

Grace Kelly, on the left. Raf Simons' Dior Collection for SS'13, on the right

For more inspiration, just click here.

“Blink” Events: Instanbul Inn London

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

We think you’ll like this Inn London exhibition for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, its about Istanbul and we think that is one of the most influential and inspirational cities right now. Secondly, there will be art, design, food and fashion being shown. Thirdly, we helped provide research support for the exhibition so it’s bound to be ace. Oh, and fourthly, there are some free tickets available if you get a wiggle on and get booking here.

Istanbul exhibition, Inn London

Hope to see you there. For more events based posts, just click here.