“Blink” Retail: Fur(k) Off

Today’s issue of the Business of Fashion just dropped into my inbox and this is it’s lead story…

image from the Business of Fashion emailed newsletter, PETA, fur in fashion, fur farming, fashion ethics

image from the Business of Fashion emailed newsletter

It’s a well researched and fact filled article about whether Fur has a place in Fashion (just click on that link to read the full article). If you are a long standing Blink reader, then you’ll know our uncompromising view on this subject and it’s a firm absolutely no thanks to fur from us. No fur, no thanks, on no occasion. Seriously that left hand image just sums the whole argument up for me. How could you possibly wear real fur (yes, that includes you Canada Gooseys and your coyote trimmed hoods, all of you with those rotten fur poms on your hats or handbags, and you wearing that vintage fur coat) if you have any conscience at all? It is simply unacceptable on every level.

Yes you may eat meat (I don’t by the way), but I bet you like to ensure your meat, eggs, fish, milk has come from a happy animal that experienced some quality of like during it’s short time on this earth. Well, most (but not all by any stretch) of the leather and sheepskin that we wear comes from animals that have been farmed for more than just their skins but have also been part of our food chain. Well, that is never ever ever the case with animals who are farmed or trapped purely for their pelts. It’s a miserable existence and often a shockingly disgusting death.

So, we thank the wonderful British Vogue, Selfridges, Liberty, Arcadia group et al for turning their backs on this material choice- and are they any less fabulous for doing so? Nope, we think it makes then super, extra, totally and additionally fabulous actually.

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London Fashion Week: Streetstyle

London Fashion Week, Somerset House

London Fashion Week, Somerset House

London Fashion Week, Somerset House

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Enjoy! Lucy

Blink Details: The Tippet Point

Apologies for the slightly rubbish title, but it does have a little merit in both referencing one of our favourite books by Malcolm Gladwell and also seeming to pretty well sum up today’s subject matter…

Your Autumn look will be utterly incomplete without the addition of a fluffy tippet or a furry stole. The look has been taken up across the fashion retail map and we have bargain to bank-breaking options for you. We particularly love the super brightly coloured variations on this theme… and as always with fur, we say go fake please as fashion is no reason for pain beyond that caused by dancing too long in your stillys.

Ermanno Scervino





Matthew Williamson


Roberto Cavalli


Blink Reports: Autumn ’11 ‘Accessories’

As you may have spotted on our frenzied tweets, August was a hectic month on the reports front. This was the first month when we had 8 reports to issue- and all with masses more pages than ever before… There was a collective sigh of relief when we finally sent the completed artwork to the printers, and smiles of glee when the finished reports arrived back looking incredibly impressive.

This was a mega month because we had the quarterly reports to create as well as the usual monthly ones. In celebration of that fact, we treated you to selected highlights from the ‘Graphics’ report yesterday, and today we have some pages from the ‘Accessories’ report for you. The total report runs at over 55 pages, featuring over 300 inspirational images.

If you’d like to see the full report offer, why not contact us or your nearest agent? Enjoy!

Accessories: Go Wild!

To round up our week of highlights from our Autumn ‘Accessories’ report, today we go a little wild. Its all about animal inspired looks, from skins to skin prints, full on fur to real reptiles. We were anticipating an explosion of snakes across the fashion world after Chloe’s stunning snakeskin printed Autumn ’11 show, but the leopard spot is still holding its own after being a  firm fixture for season upon season.

There’s lots of real fur out there too, some of which we have featured already in our first look at Autumn- check out the post here. We have added a couple more looks in with this selection. If you suffer from chilly kidneys, Miu Miu has the tres chic answer, and it seems that YSL is the first stop if you are after a fur balaclava… As usual, we’ll stress that we are not at all supportive of real fur and these would look even better if they were faux.

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Giuseppe Zanotti


Miu Miu

Miu Miu




London Fashion Week- Fashion Fluff

Well, we don’t approve of it, but it is out there again- in slightly less force than last London Fashion Week we are delighted to announce. This year fur seemed to be more about accessories, particularly trapper hats and tippets. There were some full on fur coats too, but I have to say that faux always looks better.

In the great fur debate, we are firmly on the side of ‘no thanks’ beyond sheepskin, but there are many who seem to feel that  if a fur coat is ‘vintage’, suddenly that makes it okay. Can someone please enlighten us as to why?

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London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week