Blink Events: The Vintage Festival, another teaser!

If you are yet to purchase your tickets to this amazing event, we suggest you make your mind up and get on-line quick smart! This is not one to be missed…

Actually its not a complete disaster if you don’t buy tickets, as much of the Vintage Festival is free and open to all. However, if you do want access in to the beautiful Royal Festival Hall, and all of the amazing events held within its wall, you will need to part with your cash. I promise you that it will be money well spent. From what I found out on Monday evening, when being shown around by Wayne and Jack Hemingway (its a family affair), you will be treated to some amazing adventures down memory lane. Wayne did point out that this is not just a ‘Retro Fest’ though. He wanted to achieve two main things with the Vintage Festival. The first was ‘glamour’, recalling times when it was unheard of to head out on a big night without getting dressed up for the evening ahead. The second was to deliver ‘something with meaning’ inspired by great moments in time musically and stylistically, but that also ‘looks at where we are going’.

The start of this mission was the first vintage festival at Goodwood last year, with its 50,000 attendees. This year the event has relocated to the South Bank Centre, at the request of the Royal Festival Hall who wanted this to be the jewel in the crown of their 60th anniversary celebrations. As Wayne Hemingway is beyond passionate about the design, architecture and ethos behind the RFH and the South Bank this seemed a perfect fit. The event will cover an area from the British Film Institute (who will be joining in by showing vintage films, including back to back Avengers episodes that you’ll be able to watch while wearing a free bowler hat) right along the whole of the South Bank to the London Eye. Nearly all of the restaurants and cafe’s along the way will be joining in too (Yo Sushi showing 20’s Japanese films, Skylon will become even more glamorous with a ‘Cabaret’ themed event). There will be a huge vintage market, with special early access for ticket holders (incentive enough on its own to get that ticket bought!), and we are quite intrigued by the ‘Chap Olympiad‘ to be held in Jubilee Gardens, where you will also be able to join the vintage oriented, ultra stylish Pashley bike tours.

If that hasn’t got you in a lather of vintage enthusiasm, then here are some shots to help set the scene, most of which were from last year’s event. See you there. Now, I must go and air my nylons, dust off my corsage and sharpen my eye liner pencil…

The Vintage Festival, Goodwood 2010

The Vintage Festival, Goodwood 2010

Recreating the rave at The Vintage Festival, Goodwood 2010

Wayne Hemingway

A Robin and Lucienne Day inspired interior at the Hemingway curated 'Museum of 51' in the basement of the RFH

Wayne and Jack Hemingway showing us around the museum exhibits