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Big Hair, Don’t Care: Part 2

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Hope you liked yesterday’s post on the joys of unruly hair. Here’s part 2, and also what we hope will prove to be the final word in sorting out lots of my particular hair based woes. Blink Towers is very excited about the launch of the new Dyson hairdryer!

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the just launched, game-changing Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

Not only are we already huge fans of Mr Dyson himself, that silver fox super brain, we absolutely love the Dyson brand because it delivers what it promises with every single product that it releases to market- and those products look good too.

Dyson has invested £50 million in the development of the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer, which is about as much as I have invested in trying to solve the problems I have with my very unruly barnet! From the data released by Dyson, as well as the reviews from the lucky peeps who have already trialed it, the Supersonic™ hair dryer is a total game changer. Not only is it lighter than a normal hairdryer (perfect for travelling!), it also self monitors the heat it produces to constantly protect your hair and it has been engineered to be extra quiet. Drying is swifter, less of a chore and with better results than standard hairdryers. What’s not to love!

It launched this month and at just a penny under £300 it is quite an investment, but we think well worth it when you consider the hair joy and time saving that it will deliver!

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