Pattern: Computer Generated Genius

We are really enjoying the new wave of prints that seems to embrace both the deliciously textural, painterly prints that are out there and the sharper, almost computer generated looks have been building up too. Its a creative new take on traditional geometrics and one that makes quite an impact. Scale is still super important, with bigger being better. There is blurred softness, depth with levels of shade and tone on some designs which seem to be quite artistically hand drawn, but as seen by the way art is embracing the computer (did you see the beautiful work Hockney created on his ipad?) its so hard to tell what has been created with traditional techniques and what is the result of cleverly using technology…

Here are some of our favourites extracted from the June ‘Print’ report. If you’d like to see more, why not contact your nearest agent?

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Carnaby Street

Swear, Carnaby Street


Christopher Raeburn