Blink Inspiration: I should Coco!

As you saw from yesterday’s post, its all about Christmas out there in fashion retail land, but some brands have decided not to take the sparkly lights and tinsel approach.

At Chanel, Karl seems to have decided that, after all the fun of super shaggy fur, he was on to more of a naive and crafty direction. I’m not so sure what Madame Coco herself would think of these, but we just love these mini Chanel dollies. The likeness is just perfect and the detailing is divine. These petite Coco’s are tucked in and around the mannequins in the Sloane Street store, adding a very appealing ‘tongue in cheek’ touch to their Christmas scheme. Who knew that the House of Chanel had such a sense of humour! Actually, we do remember the Kaiser Karl teddy bears of not that long ago, made by Steiff, so I suppose that a Coco dolly doesn’t seem such a crazy idea. When you are so rarefied and wonderful, what could be more appropriate than poking a little fun at yourself- but obviously in a terribly stylish way?!

Coco Chanel recreated in knit!