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“Blink” Retail: Are you sure Chanel?

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

I may be about to commit fashion suicide and send myself forever to persona-non-grata-ville. Well, frankly I don’t give a damn, to paraphrase Rhett Butler. I just think it’s time someone spoke up about this crime against reason that is taking place under the glaring spotlight of the fashion world’s adoration.

Let me make things clearer about what has gotten my goat quite so severely. Look at this holey, icky pink crop top and leggings combo. Forget the caption. Do you genuinely think that is a good look? Classy? Innovative? Saying something new? Deserving of a very, very, very large price tag? Be honest now!

Chanel AW'14

Chanel AW’14

I think it’s just awful, and I would think it was awful even if it was £4.99 hanging on a wonky rail in Camden Market (where it would probably look quite at home). And what about these? Day-glo plush and big chains and padlocks and lumpy trims and fabric that looks like it could be from a really ugly sofa and be labelled ‘draylon’. That’s just my opinion about these looks from the AW’14 Chanel collection, but if you have eyes I don’t really see how you can disagree.

Chanel AW'14

Chanel AW’14

Just to back up the point I am rather circuitously making, these are some looks from the Chanel SS’15 show that just happened Paris. As usual, the fashion world appears to be doing backflips of joy, combusting with excitement at how amazing this collection is and feting it’s creator, the forever monochrome Kaiser Karl.

Chanel SS'15 (images from with thanks)

Chanel SS’15 (images from with thanks)

These are just a few looks selected pretty randomly from this show. Can you honestly say that this is beautiful? Does this really sit with the tradition and heritage of Chanel? I get ‘Ugly’ Fashion, really I do, but this is something else. This is ugly in a whole new way. Like just really rotten ugly.

I actually think that Karl Lagerfeld may be pulling fashion’s leg, just seeing how awful he can make the collections look and still get away with it. It’s an elaborate prank, a joke, a ruse. What else could this possibly be? And the fashion world’s taste-makers have all fallen for it. I think Karl must go home every evening and stifle the noise of his hysterical laughter by stuffing his mush into Choupette’s furry tum.

Okay, I have said it. I’m out and proud! Who’s with me? Or am I really all alone in fashion Coventry? Ooh, it’s gone awfully quite round here…

“Blink” Travels: Karl Lagerfeld in Paris

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

I kind of have a love/ hate thing with Karl Lagerfeld. I get a bit rankled by how deeply affected he appears, just adding to the myth that you have to be mental to be a grand force in fashion. I’m not a huge fan of his own label, and yet I adore what he has achieved season upon season at Chanel, and I also am a huge fan of Fendi. I’m also more enamored of him due to his love for his cat, Choupette (though slightly worried by his apparent desire to marry said cat…). Another huge point in the ‘love’ list is the he seems to have a rather good sense of humour. How else would Kaiser Karl have sanctioned this hilariously cute mini version of himself?

Karl Lagerfeld, Paris

Karl Lagerfeld, Paris

We spotted this in the Karl Lagerfeld store in Le Marais, Paris. So in balance, we do love you Karl, but would love you even more if you busted a bit of colour and left the gloves at home occasionally…

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“Blink” Retail: Fabulous Fendi

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

We spend a lot of time hanging around the shops in the name of work. It’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it! One of my favourite moments when out retailing is spotting new window schemes. I have to say that the majority of fashion retailers do a very, very good job.  Not all, but most deliver something quite entrancing and inspirational and those are the ones we like to share with you.

The favourite from the last outing is this from Fendi. Looking like cubes made from melted down Fendi hardware, these look really wonderfully precious, like designer gold bullion! Fendi is a brand that we think doesn’t quite score the style headlines that it deserves, perhaps overshadowed by other labels with a similar graphic look, like Celine. Well, it pays to recall that this is yet another collection created under the auspices of the very hard working Karl Lagerfeld, and deserves appreciation as an Italian label that has a really strong handwriting that is very, very different to what we’ve come to expect from high end Italian brands in general. It’s not just about great handbags, although we wouldn’t say no to a couple of those should anyone be asking…





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“Blink” Music: Fashion Friday- Azealia Banks

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Whoop Whoop! It’s the first day of London Fashion Week. To celebrate we’re posting a couple of our current favourite tunes that we’re predicting may well feature on a couple of catwalk soundtracks this season.

Okay, first is Karl Lagerfelds new fav, the very saucy Azealia Banks, and this one comes with a parental warning for gratuitous use of the ‘c’ word. Don’t play the video if that will offend you. You have been given fair warning!

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Enjoy! Lucy