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“Blink” Travels: China in Paris, Astier de Villatte

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

You may think that the only reason to head to Rue Saint-Honoré is to hit Colette and all the other big name fashion boutiques. Well, I have news for you. After Merci and le Bon Marche, there is another store that I always try to get to when in gay Pareeee, and that’s the Astier de Villatte store at the Louvre end of Rue Saint-Honoré, just along from Cafe Ruc.

Its a tiny store and you could easily pass it by, but I urge you to search it out and pop in to this crazy little emporium if you are in vicinity. Aside from all of the gorgeous, milky glazed, artfully wonky, ultra stylish crockery, you’ll find their amazing scented candles and body products, alongside some quirky curios that change every time I pop in there. It’s always an inspiration, from the store windows to the tiny back room, stacked high with amazing platters and decorative ‘objets’.

 the windows at Astier de Villatte, Paris

the windows at Astier de Villatte, Paris

the windows at Astier de Villatte, Paris

the windows at Astier de Villatte, Paris

the windows at Astier de Villatte, Paris

the windows at Astier de Villatte, Paris

the windows at Astier de Villatte, Paris

the windows at Astier de Villatte, Paris

Astier de Villatte, Paris

Astier de Villatte, Paris

If you’re not off to Paris but would still like to have a look at the Astier de Villatte range, then Liberty have a great selection.

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“Blink” Retail: Moschino is the Cat’s Whiskers!

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

There are some great Christmas windows out there right now. Topping our favourites list is Liberty‘s steam train themed scheme and the sparkle-tastic Selfridges windows. We do love a bauble, but I must admit that my absolute favourite current fashion windows are not terribly Christmassy at all. We spotted this genius display in the Moschino windows yesterday. Okay, I could very well be totally swayed by this window because it features a huge cat, but I do truly think it’s the whole wonderful Tim Walker-esque fantasy approach that is perfect for this quirky and creative brand, and so utterly charming.

Madame, you’re interested as dressing as a sunshine yellow budgerigar? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Moschino, Conduit Street

Moschino, Conduit Street

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Blink Retail- More LOVE at Liberty London

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Look, we aren’t being paid off or sponsored (but not a bad idea!), we just genuinely have a very soft spot for Liberty. I would actually go as far as to say it’s our favorite London store- and globally only second to the wonderful Merci in Paris. I will try to let a week go by without praising, featuring or generally drooling about that deliciously black and white, absurdly tasteful, ever dependable style mecca- but that week is not just yet…

We were out and about researching/ retailing (uhm, those are just terms we use to make shopping seem more important and difficult than it actually is) when we spotted the new window scheme at Liberty, in collaboration with LOVE magazine, celebrating their current androgyny issue and also featuring lots of fabulous new looks from Alexander Wang’s Spring Summer 2011 collection. The windows look really exciting and energetic, don’t you agree?

There are also windows featuring fabulous and relatively new names to the British fashion scene, like Peter Pilotto, Christopher Kane (winner of the Elle Style Award for best British designer) and Michael van der Ham. Gorgeous!

LOVE magazine with Liberty London

LOVE magazine with Liberty London

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Streetstyle: Carnaby Street

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Although its become a tourist trap and the location of some pretty mainstream retailers, there is still something essentially cool about Carnaby Street. Its often a great place to style spot very unique and interesting looks. Maybe this is because it’s close to lots of Soho creative offices and the fact that it’s right by Liberty? Who knows- but the fact is, we like to loiter with our camera at the ready and we generally manage to shoot some interesting streetstyle.

Asta spotted this young lady when out last week. We just love how on first look there is something quite vintage and refined, then on closer inspection her style owes a lot more to a punky and hard edged aesthetic. The vintage jacket has been customized by some hardcore looking studs and spikes. The shorts are leather and the shoes are pretty fierce too. Great hair and a very cool attitude just puts the cherry on this particular cake. Enjoy!

Carnaby Street, London

Carnaby Street, London

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Blink Retail: Love at Liberty London

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

We have a long standing love affair with Liberty, but we have only just now been provided with the opportunity to really put that love into the words of a love letter. Liberty have constructed a ‘Love Wall’ just next to where their new stationary department will be opened (did we need any more reasons to spend far too much time in there?!?). Perfectly timed for Valentines, ideal to promote their new stationary department and also incredibly romantic.

We think it may have been inspired by the obsessive love letter posting that happens in Verona. There is a house which proposes to be that of the Capulet’s (of Shakespeare fame), with a balcony and a Juliet statue. On any available space in the wall, the heartsick and love-lorn leave love notes to Juliet asking her to help them find their true love. Well, we can tell you that you can save the plane fair and get a bus to Liberty instead. Aside from the gorgeous ‘Love Wall’, where we left a few begging letters to Cupid, I can tell you that love can be found in Liberty on a regular basis- mainly in the Shoe Hall and also in the designer womenswear section if you’re feeling flush…

Liberty London's 'Love Wall'

Liberty London's 'Love Wall'

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Blink Retail: Bright Lights, Big City

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

If I fancy a bit of high end retail therapy I have a special route that fulfills all of my desires. My journey takes me from Liberty, cutting through Hanover Square across to Bond Street, then into Bruton Street, a flit across Berkeley Square and into Mount Street, then a stroll up South Audley Street and the final destination is Selfridges. Its a walk past some of the highlights of international fashion, incorporating some of my favourite names. You can say hello to Martin, Stella, Marc and Matthew as you decide whether you are thinking new shoes, frock or handbag- or perhaps all three?

This week I used the excuse of avoiding Oxford Street and headed on my therapeutic route. When I reached Mount Street, I was struck by the store windows. Some of the brightest and boldest that I had seen- and a joy that they were bereft of ‘final price slash sale bonanza’ signs. Grand scale and lots of wattage seemed to be the order of the day.


Christian Louboutin

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Blink Inspiration: Flowers for Stella

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

We were out and about in town yesterday, feeling a bit schizophrenic with the sale stock looking so, well, old I suppose and the new season collections looking oh so freshly tempting. It makes such sense to snap up some amazing sale bargains- especially considering that its still the depths of Winter and will probably remain frigidly cold for at least the next three months, but all I really wanted was new season gorgeousness, along with the promise of sunshine and blue skies that it holds.

Liberty was the best for us as far as showcasing new season collections. We fell in love with the Stella McCartney resort/ early Spring collection all over again (the first time being when we drooled over the show shots on The simplicity of silhouette, the structure, the delicious combination of texture and pattern- specifically the stunning, grand scale floral prints and the boldly blue, broderie anglais style lace. Here are a few shots for you, to share the joy and bring you a little ray of Spring sunshine.

Stella McCartney, Resort 2011 collection. Image from Stella McCartney via

Stella McCartney, Resort 2011 collection. Image from Stella McCartney via

Stella McCartney, Resort 2011 collection. Image from Stella McCartney via

Friday Fun: Pop in to the Pop Up at Liberty

Friday, October 15th, 2010

We were doing the usual retail rounds when we spotted this Roger la Borde pop up shop within the beautious Liberty store, in situ until 18th October.

This shop within shop is in celebration of this innovative publishing company’s 25th birthday. We first noticed Roger la Borde cards when they started producing delightful mini versions of Rob Ryan‘s work (a Blink favourite, in case you didn’t know). Alongside the cards by Rob Ryan there is work by  Elise Hurst, Aya Kakeda and Su Blackwell. There’s some stunning original artwork for sale too- the Rob Ryan one is from a limited edition of just 10.

To add to the celebrations Roger la Borde has launched its first ever collection of homewares, including bone china teapots, mugs, aprons, tea towels and notebooks, all featuring Victoriana inspired illustrations like the strongman clad in a flowery apron that we spotted on the window of Liberty.

Hmm, its got me thinking about Christmas gifts already…

Roger la Borde at Liberty

Friday Fun: We’ve got you pegged

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Harvey Nichols‘ windows are looking completely fabulous this week. Back in the 90’s, when this store was THE fashion destination and Selfridges or Liberty were merely functional ‘department stores’, Harvey Nics windows were an event in themselves. Winning awards for their brilliantly creative approach. I think I could be right in saying that they were one of the innovators of using store window space as a totally creative area, building fantasy fashion playgrounds where the product was almost an aside. We think the current VM team is doing a sterling job in replicating that excitement.

The current scheme features this amazing dress constructed wholly from wooden pegs (hence the post title!), alongside a piano that seemed to be made from cassette tapes and a sports car made from battalions of tiny plastic soldiers. Why? Who cares! It looks fabulous and that’s got to be 99% of what fashion is about.

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Harvey Nichols

Friday Fun- Good Advice

Friday, July 16th, 2010

We spotted this in the super luxurious Designer show room in Liberty. We hope that they’ll forgive is for getting our camera out in store, but this was just so irresistible. Its typical of the innovative, humorous and quirky VM style for this stand out store. Very English-ly eccentric. Anyway, there are some sayings here that will suit many of your experiences this weekend so we thought this was perfect for our ‘Friday Fun’ slot.

Enjoy and happy Friday!