“Blink” Music: Lizzo feat. Sophia Eris, ‘Batches & Cookies’

Many, many thanks to Lauren Laverne for bringing our new musical crush to our earholes via the medium of Twitter. This is the work of Lizzo, a Minneapolis based rapper and singer. This track, ‘Batches and Cookies’ is from her first solo album called LIZZOBANGERS, released mid October. We really love her flow, her attitude and her utter, undeniable strength, swagger and sass. This is very much about the girls showing the boys how to do it in a very male dominated musical field. Lizzo reminds us more of the ground breaking, super smart style of Missy Elliot which is a refreshing change from the recent focus on scantily clad, booty shaking rap girls. Just check out the male roles in the video; bet that boy was super soft skinned after being rubbed up with butter for a few hours…

Lizzo is on a huge tour schedule right now, and according to her Totally Gross National Product page she’s playing The Scala in London on 26th November. I’ve checked out The Scala to get my tickets, and they have Har Mar Superstar listed for that night- but maybe Lizzo is the support? Anyway, once I find out for sure what the deal is, I’ll let you know.

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