Have a “Blink” ing good Christmas!

So, this is our final post of the year, folks. Its been a momentous 2011 for our business in general, but particularly for the blog. This started out as a place for us to post about all the stuff we couldn’t quite fit into our reports and has become much more than that, mainly due to all of you lovely people who bother to spend some precious time out of your hectic days to check out what we’re posting. Yes, its all for you. You know who you are!

Here’s a shot of very possibly our favourite London Christmas lights. Just behind Liberty on Carnaby Street is this huge, illuminated bunch of mistletoe. If you’d like us to deliver our thanks to you in person, we’ll be under there at 7pm ce soir, puckered up and waiting for you…

Carnaby Street

We hope that we can continue to provide you with information and inspiration in 2012.

Blink Details: Bringing Sexy Back

Its an exciting new focal point that we have noted over the past month or so, and our trip to Paris managed to seal the deal. The back is the new front, ladies and gentlemen. Its official. From the nape of your neck down to the top of your tushy. Whether a peak, a flash, a slash or the full reveal, its all about the back, baby. Its a really exciting addition to some otherwise simplistic silhouettes on many occasions. You see the front view and think “Well, that’s a perfectly nice, but rather plain, Tshirt/ shift dress/ blouse etc” and then you see the rear view and your heart speeds up and your pupils dilate. Its sexy, but in a whole new way. Its subtle, chic and really quite sophisticated.

So, we encourage you to put your back into it, back us up, don’t be backwards in being forwards. Sorry… ahem, we got a little carried away then. Just do it. Its sexy and you’ll look hot. What more is there to say?

YSL, Paris

YSL, Paris


YSL, Paris

vintage at Porte de Vanves, Paris

vintage at Porte de Vanves, Paris

Azzaro at Colette, Paris


Merci, Paris

Merci, Paris

Streetstyle: Spring Back to Black

For this week we have a selection of streetstyle shots that showcase what’s being worn right now- and I have to say that the bold colour message is perhaps yet to fully filter through to the streets. Well, yesterday was officially the first day of Spring so perhaps we’ll start to see more colour coming through. For this weekend, however, it was still about layering, tonality and neutrals. We start off with two very cool looking shady ladies rocking black on black…

Enjoy and click here for more of our inspiring streetstyle coverage.

Covent Garden

Brick Lane

Blink Events: Chritmas Lights

So, its all about Christmas right across the London retail scene. Its a festive frenzy of spangly lights and that Wham CD gets dusted off so that we can all hum along to ‘Last Christmas’ as we contemplate the joys of buying for others versus more self gifting!

I thought I’d share the Christmas joy with you via some shots of my favourite Christmas retail looks. On the whole, the high street and department stores seem to have gone for high kitsch this time around, but I have managed to unearth some slightly more tasteful options…

Enjoy and sending you Santa shaped Christmas best wishes!

Linear chic on South Molton Street

Eco energy powered lights at Stella McCartney

Selfridges go super sized with these mega scale disco baubles

Selfridges also have these gorgeous Christmas characters bobbing around the store

Friday Fun: We’ve got you pegged

Harvey Nichols‘ windows are looking completely fabulous this week. Back in the 90’s, when this store was THE fashion destination and Selfridges or Liberty were merely functional ‘department stores’, Harvey Nics windows were an event in themselves. Winning awards for their brilliantly creative approach. I think I could be right in saying that they were one of the innovators of using store window space as a totally creative area, building fantasy fashion playgrounds where the product was almost an aside. We think the current VM team is doing a sterling job in replicating that excitement.

The current scheme features this amazing dress constructed wholly from wooden pegs (hence the post title!), alongside a piano that seemed to be made from cassette tapes and a sports car made from battalions of tiny plastic soldiers. Why? Who cares! It looks fabulous and that’s got to be 99% of what fashion is about.

Click here for more Friday Fun!

Harvey Nichols

Blink Interviews: Steve Wallington

We think that our first interviewee is very inspiring starting point for this new blog feature. Steve Wallington was the founder and Creative Director of Point Blank and fashion label, Worn By. He’s worked with inspiring and creative business’s like MTV, BBC, ITV, Levis, Mother, BBH, Collette Paris and Liberty. He left last year to pursue his passion for photography and moving image in fashion and lifestyle. Steve’s also working on his plans to create an art space with a difference…

Tell us about your current design crush
I’m about to move home for the second time in a year and I’m getting very into all things Architectural & Interiors. I’m feeling especially inspired by Tom Ford’s film “A Single Man”. The detail of the man! Colin Firth’s pad was sublime and I’m inspired to try and recreate a 60’s pad in West London instead of the West Coast!?

Do you think that style is more important than function?
Yes I do think ‘style over function’… as long as it lasts!  All good design classics have longevity in function and design. Its definelty an age thing as I now want, more and more, to buy desireable objects that’ll last. I still have a pair of Comme des Garcons track pants from two decades back that I still wear!!

What project are you currently working on and how is it shaping up?
I’m currently helping to relaunch a Scandinavian Fashion brand. I’m also in post production on a Dickensian style men’s fashion/lifestyle story that I photographed and filmed with the stylist Alex Longmore.

What or who are your longest standing design influences?
Where do I start! When it comes to references that I dig out time and again to inspire, definitely Saul Bass for design, film titles and art directing the shower scene in Psycho.  Also Alexey Brodovitch for Art Direction in Design and Fashion. But I’m always being influenced by the world around me, the different cultures and countries I visit, and with the advent of the web having access to biggest historic library in the sky.

What’s currently inspiring you?
Charting the history of photography as I do research for my weekly session teaching photography at my daughter’s school and seeing those wide eyes taking it all in!

How would you describe your design aesthetic?
Good detail, well made with a twist!
My girlfriend recently bought an old fur for me from Portobello market that I used during the cold spell under a Burberry mac. I still like a symbol of individuality.

Any style secrets?
Observe the Japanese tourists dress sense. They have taken over from the Italians for style and panache.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Being creative and the ability to research and expand the mind.

Any future projects that you’d like to tell us about?
I’m in the final rounds of getting funding for a ‘culture club’ with a difference that will launch next year.

Any final words of advice?
Read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” which basically outlines success only comes through hard work & putting the hours in!

Steve Wallington

Steve Wallington

These pictures were a collaboration with the stylist, Alex Longmore. Steve wanted to create a Mens fashion story inspired by  Dickens style fashion that feels on trend for Winter/Spring this year (especially after Sherlock Holmes!). Each image is backed up with a film.

These pictures were a collaboration with the stylist, Alex Longmore. Steve wanted to create a menswear story inspired by a Dickensian mood that feels on trend for Winter and Spring. Much of the menswear used is Alexander McQueen. All of the people featured have a personal story to tell about London, which was filmed as well as captured in these amazing photographs.

This image features British actor, Lyndon Ogbourne & his cousin Luke Gamble

This is Murray Lachlan Young. He's a outspoken English poet, best known for the notorious 'Cocaine' poem'.

This image of Manilla is from a film Steve co-directed and produced with the Aids Charity Staying Alive.  The pictures showed the people and the story behind the great work each organisation does reduce the spread of Aids.

This image of Manila is from a film Steve co-directed and produced with the AIDS Charity 'Staying Alive'. The pictures show the people and story behind the great work each organization does to reduce the spread of AIDS.

MTV's 25th birthday exhibition

Steve has worked with MTV over the last 10 years, with Point Blank as the retained agency, creating some of their most iconic campaigns including this from MTV's 25th anniversary exhibition at the ICA.


Kilimanjaro, photographed by Steve during his charity climb to raise money for a friend's daughter who has Cystic Fibrosis. He created an exhibition and self published a book which the Photographers Gallery & Claire De Rouen books took.