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Cleansing Clean Up: Microbead Free

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

I’m a beauty product tart. There, I’ve said it. I swip-swop to whatever the most recent innovations are with most of my product relationships only lasting a couple of tubs, tubes or bottles before I switch my affections to the newest kid on the beauty block.

I do have requirements that help direct my decisions, and in the past those were pretty much “Can I afford it?”, “Are the reviewers raving on about how genius it is?”, “Will it be okay with my sensitive skin?” and “Will it erase my wrinkles/zits/jowls?”. Well, now we have a new consideration; eliminating those small but dastardly microbeads. It seems that these teeny buggers are our newest pollution nightmare and they are hidden in more products that you have probably even realised. Take a look at this article from Greenpeace to fully understand the significance of this issue. There is nothing beautiful about the impact of microbeads on sea life and our food-chain and they need to be banned quick-smart.

I’m embracing banning those microbeads by starting with my own bathroom shelves. The joy of this is that it’s an excuse for me to fill my re-useable, organic cotton shopper with lots of new plastic free products! First on my list is a really good body scrub in prep for holidaying, and I think I’ve found a winner.

Grounded Body Scrub, coffee body scrub, coconut oil,  beauty blogger, Blink London, Casa Cubista

my Grounded Body Scrub, making a bit of a mess on my Casa Cubista bathmat

I love, love, love my Grounded Body Scrub! The coffee grounds are not only a brilliant exfoliant, but the caffeine stimulates circulation and hopefully will eliminate a few thing dimples too. The coconut oil in this particular version of the scrub is great for extra smoothing and is just generally marvellous. Oh and when you are using this in a hot shower the fumes are kind of like an espresso martini with a shot of Malibu thrown in for good measure. What’s not to love!

There’s more to come on this topic so keep ’em peeled. In the meantime, if you’d like to read our other beauty posts, take a look here.