“Blink” Music: Shura ‘Indecision’

Shura is in fact 23 year old, Russian/ British, pop sensation, Aleksandra Denton. Yes, we did use the ‘pop’ term and that is not generally a genre that we feature on our Music Monday posts but this track, ‘Indecision’ is far from the disposable, brainless pap that generally inhabits this musical category. In fact, I think new artist, Shura’s sound deserves to have its own genre created to explain it’s nuances properly. How about smoothly lush atmospheric synth pop?

Well, have a listen and tell us what you think would be the best way to describe this new artist, aside from addictively brilliant. She is very much one to watch for 2015.

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“Blink” Music: Knife Party ‘Bonfire’

No cool video to share with you, but this tune is just too good to wait. We hope you love Knife Party as much as we do. So, this is what we know: Fact 1) Knife Party is an Australian electro house/dubstep duo founded by two members of the electronic rock band Pendulum; Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. Fact 2) This tune is ace.

That is all.

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“Blink” Music: Jessie Ware ‘110%’

So, thanks to a fabulously extended weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we missed dropping a #MusicMonday tune for you this week, so instead we have decided to name this our #MidweekMusic post instead. It might catch on…

What is sure to catch on is the artist we are featuring today. This track from the brilliant Jessie Ware, has an amazing sticky quality and we are sure it’ll be rolling around your head for days after a few plays. It’s been hard to find out any info about Jessie to add to this post, aside from the fact that she’s new, young, British artist and has featured as the vocalist on some tracks from SBTRKT.

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