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“Blink” Music Monday

Monday, April 14th, 2014

I have been playing the new Bombay Bicycle Club album on a loop ever since downloading it. ‘So Long, See you Tomorrow’ is an epic evolution of the band’s signature sound, and ‘Feel’ has to be my favourite track from the album.

I just can’t help getting a wiggle on when I hear this. It’s just so uplifting and bright. This is undeniably pop-ish in it’s hooky repeats but it is still elegant, brilliant, innovative and clever.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music Monday: The Kooks ‘Down’

Monday, April 7th, 2014

This one will go well with your first espresso of the day, or perhaps instead of your usual caffeine fix? Delivering a burst of energy with the snappy chorus, we love this addictive new track from The Kooks. ‘Down’ is released on 20th April and is from a new album that will drop later this year.

This Brit band (formed in Brighton) isn’t a regular on my personal playlist. I’ve generally found them to be a bit on the pop side for my tastes, but this track has a bit more of an R&B feel which is perhaps what has drawn me in, or maybe it’s the raw energy and the slightly grubbier edge?

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music Monday: Circa Waves ‘Stuck in my Teeth’

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Circa Waves are super shiny new. It’s quite amazing that this Liverpool based four piece has achieved such a level of fame in six short months. If they keep this up they’ll be the hottest ticket in town very, very soon.

Have a listen to this track, Stuck in my Teeth, and we think you’ll understand why they have made such stratospheric progress. It’s super energetic, accessible without being trite, pop enough to be broad appeal, but also indie enough to have credibility.

Nice matching tees and a rather confusing/ odd video. Oh and kudos for making some pretty good shapes in those very, very tight jeans…

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: A$AP Mob ‘Trillmatic’

Monday, March 10th, 2014

In my heart I am a hip hop kid, regardless of the fact that I’m from the Home Counties rather than Far Rockaway… I guess the love affair was sealed when Flavor Flav called me a bitch. In a good way I think. And it was when he was still a Public Enemy too.

Well, this track, Trillmatic from A$AP Mob, takes me back to those early days of my hip hop discovery, in no small part due to the contribution from Wu Tang’s finest, Method Man. There’s a Nas style smoothness to this too, as well as some wonderfully rich, fluid and musically elegant samples. A$AP Mob is a hip hop collective, a little bit like a musical version of ACNE if you like. They incorporate artists and designers alongside musicians and producers. Their most famous son is A$AP Rocky, and Blink Music Monday alumni (check out Fashion Killa).

Really, even if you’re not that into hip hop, I think you’ll still love this just because the sun has decided to shine a bit, and it’s a Monday and you deserve a little musical distraction.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Gem Club ‘Polly’

Monday, February 24th, 2014

A haunting track with a disturbingly beautiful video. Both the sound and the visuals are strange yet really engaging. Dark and mysterious. It reminds me of Cindy Sherman‘s artworks. Massachusetts-based band, Gem Club, are Christopher Barnes, Kristen Drymala and Ieva Berberian. This track, Polly, is from their second album that was released in January called ‘In Roses’.

From the tracks that we’ve heard, Gem Club seem to be all about a rather thoughtful, intense, quiet and melancholy sound, kind of in the genre that would encompass London Grammar, Paul Thomas Saunders and maybe even Beck.

If you’re having a contemplative day, then this is for you.


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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Bacardi Beginnings. What happened next…

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

We like a story with a happy ending. Today our #MusicMonday post is a slight variation on the usual theme as we look at what’s happening with the ‘Bacardi Beginnings‘ folks now that this phase is drawing to a close. What an amazing initiative and what a great time we had covering the events. Well, if you’re as nosey as us, then you’ll like this video which shares all the great news about what came next with those collaborations and innovative approaches to making music.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Clean Bandit, ‘Rather Be’ feat. Jess Glynne

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Here’s a perky little number to start your week off right. I love this track, although the video is a little on the bemusing side, especially if you’re not familiar with what the Clean Bandit crew look like. Clean Bandit is an electro band with classical skills. Their classical musicality really makes this band’s sound stand out. I love the soaring strings and the super smooth harmonies. I think it gives their sound a somewhat quirkily intellectual edge.

The track we’re featuring is ‘Rather Be’, which we liked even before we knew there was a cat in the video. It’s a love song but without all of the sex or saccharine that you would usually associate with that subject matter. Jess Glynne is the featured vocalist. She’s the vocalist on the Route 94 track, ‘My Love’, too, which is another Blink Towers favourite.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Flume & Chet Faker, ‘Drop the Game’

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Apparently this is the Monday when we feel more fed up than any other in January. Personally I’m not feeling it. We’re an optimistic bunch at Blink towers so it’s a blessed day as far as we are concerned. I was tempted to post Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ for you, just to lift any flagging spirits, but then I thought that might be a bit of a cop-out. So instead, we’ve chosen ‘Drop The Game‘ from Flume and Chet Faker. It may not lift your mood as super swiftly as Pharrell, but it is very beautiful.

Flume is an Australian electro star, producer and DJ. We first came across him through his track, ‘Holdin On’ which we have loved for an age. This particular track is from a collaborative EP created with fellow Australian electro star, Chet Faker. The 3 track EP, titled ‘Lockjaw‘, came out in November last year, as did this track. I know it’s not super brand new, but we have only just discovered it, so it’s new to us! The video is a moody beauty perfectly expressing the dark deliciousness of ‘Drop The Game’ through the medium of dance. The dancer is New York street-dance star, Storyboard P who we recently discovered through Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ art installation video.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music Monday: Sam Smith ‘Nirvana’

Monday, January 13th, 2014

This is our belated first ‘Music Monday’ of the New Year. Believe me when I say that we think this is worth the wait…

We’re kicking off 2014 with the wonderful Sam Smith, and an acoustic rendition of his track ‘Nirvana’. Get ready for the hairs to stand up on the back of your neck; and if they don’t please have someone check your pulse to ensure you are actually alive.

This British born singer songwriter first found his audience as the featured singer on a couple of really brilliant tracks, one of which, Naughty Boy’s ‘La la la’, was a previous ‘Music Monday’ post and is still on general rotation as a favourite in the Blink studio. He is now delivering some amazingly soulful, somewhat old-school yet utterly current work as a deeply gifted solo artist. I cannot wait to buy his debut album when it drops in May this year.

And huge congratulations to Sam for being named the BBC’s ‘Sound of 2014′. For more amazing ‘Music Monday’ posts, just take a look here.

Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Joey Bada$$ ‘My Yout’ feat. Maverick Sabre

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Here’s a little bit of summer sunshine on this bright but blustery Winter’s day in London. We love a bit of Maverick Sabre, and we love a bit of laid back hip hop too, so this track is a win win as far as we’re concerned. This is ‘My Yout’ from Joey Badass, who is but a youth himself (but that’s no excuse not to pull your trousers up young man). Badass is a super gifted 18 year old, Brooklyn based hip hopper who has been working with some of the biggest and most established names on the scene. This very talented artist has chosen to cut his own path and innovate his own style, including working with artists like the gifted Maverick Sabre who features on this track. His debut album is out early in 2014.

Sabre’s lilting reggae sound is the perfect enhancement to this super laid back, uplifting track that is guaranteed to put a little wiggle in your walk.

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Enjoy! Lucy