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“Blink” Music: Disclosure ‘Omen’ feat Sam Smith

Monday, August 24th, 2015

What is there to say that you don’t already know about the brilliant Disclosure and the wonderful Sam Smith? So let’s cut straight to the music and this new track called ‘Omen’ which brings these two back together again.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Lion Babe ‘Impossible’

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Yeah it’s the second time Lion Babe has been our #MusicMonday pick. You can read all about this duo here on our previous post. I am a self confessed Lion Babe obsessive. I bloomin’ love the Lion Babe EP and it’s on constant repeat at Blink Towers.

If you pop in anytime soon do watch out if ‘Impossible’ is playing as there may well be general whirling and twirling with handfuls of glitter being flung willy-nilly. Consider yourself warned…

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Rhodes & Birdy ‘Let It All Go’

Monday, August 10th, 2015

A very mellow, post Wilderness pick for this #MusicMonday. We first fell for Birdy with her cover of Skinny Love. How wonderful to have some truly stunning original music from her too. This track, ‘Let It All Go’ sees her teamed up with fellow British musician, Rhodes- another youthful yet brilliantly accomplished musical talent. The combo deal of these two delivers a really mature, elegant and moving sound.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Bestival’s Headliners- Duran Duran!

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

A slightly different approach to our #MusicMonday post today and this time it’s even more self-indulgent than usual! Hope you don’t mind too much.

Now that the wonderful Camp Bestival is done (I’m sure you lucky folks who went had an amazing time), our eyes look ahead to the original and still that absolute best by name and nature, Bestival! Here’s Bestival’s own Rob da Bank chatting with Duran Duran‘s John Taylor. Yup, Duran Duran are the Friday night headline act at Bestival! Ooh, I’ve come over all hot…

Yes I am showing my age, but Duran Duran were the band that my teenage self lived for. They were plastered all over my teenage bedroom walls, doodled all over my schoolbooks, and it was John Taylor’s name that was surrounded by hearts in particular. This guy inspired my semi mullet resplendent with a Sun-In lightened ginger fringe, my teen wardrobe of frilly white shirts, the early adoption of heavy handed, kohl lined eyes and my (still remaining) penchant for a felt trilby. He was probably my first taste of heartbreak too (darn you Amanda de Cadenet).

Enough of my trip down memory lane. The fact of the matter is that these guys haven’t played the festival circuit for a long time so that fact alone makes this great news. In addition Duran Duran have been working on new album. It’s called ‘Paper Gods‘ and will be out in August. Here’s a track from it. ‘Pressure Off’ features Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers. Based on this track, and probably also some of my teenage love for these guys, I think this is going to be a great album.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: SG Lewis ‘No Less’ feat Louis Mattrs

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Our choice for today’s #MusicMonday isn’t going to help boost your energy levels this grey and drizzly Monday. Sorry! SG Lewis delivers an ultra smooth, super laid back, Monday-angst-eliminating feel with ‘No Less’. So laid back it’s pretty much horizontal.

So who is this SG Lewis chap? Well he’s actually 20 years Liverpudlian, Sam Lewis. He’s been producing music for less than a year, but already his moochy, soulful sound is grabbing the attention of music industry movers and shakers. He’s also on the roster for this year’s Bestival.

On this track, ‘No Less’ he’s accompanied by Brighton born and bred, singer and songwriter, Louis Mattrs who adds a heartbreakingly honest vocal to this delicious track. You can check out more of his work on his EP called ‘Beachy Head’.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Rudimental ‘Never Let You Go’, feat. Foy Vance

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Oh Rudimental, you’ve had us waiting too long! With the new album, ‘We the Generation‘ scheduled to drop in September, Rudimental are back on the road and making the festival circuit rounds. Thank goodness for that because these guys truly bring it live.

Following hard on the heels of our chosen track they’ve also dropped the official video for the beautiful ‘Rumour Mill‘, also from the new album. Although we love that track too, we’re focussing on ‘Never Let You Go‘ as it reminds us why we fell for Rudimental in the first place. These guys can deliver huge, arena-shaking, awe-inspiring tracks as well as more intimate, soulful and subtle songs. This time round we’re going with the monumental. We hope that you all approve.

‘Never Let You Go’ features vocals from Foy Vance who’s roots blend Northern Ireland and Southern America. If you like his sound then look out for his newest album, ‘Joy of Nothing’ which drops later this year.

Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Eryn Allen Kane ‘Have Mercy’

Monday, July 6th, 2015

I first heard today’s Music Monday post when listening to Huw Stephens on Radio One. He is currently on fire as far as highlighting great new music. Eryn Allen Kane is about to drip some musical honey right into your earholes. That may not sound quite as pleasant as I had intended, but believe me, you will enjoy the few minutes of escape created by her intensely soulful, spirited and heart-felt vocals.

Detroit born, Chicago resident Eryn Allen Kane has worked with many up and coming young musical talents, as well as featuring on a new track with the Purple King of Musical Cool, Prince. It’s called ‘Baltimore’  and it’s gorgeous, significant and delivers an important message. While we encourage you to have a listen to that track, let’s not loose sight of our main focus today, and that is ‘Have Mercy‘, the most recent release from Eryn Allen Kane, and a tour de force in modern soul. It is stark, pared down and stripped back, just like the video which we think is completely mesmerising. This track will be featured on her upcoming release, Aviary EP, that doesn’t have an official release date just yet but keep an eye out for it.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Ta-Ku ‘Love Again’ feat. JMSN & Sango

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

So sorry for the patchy blog updating but I am currently on a bit of a tour (part work, part play and the play has been a little more distracting than anticipated!). Please take a look at our instagram feed to catch up on where we are and what we’re up to.

In the mean time, here’s a track that suits our ‘out of the office’ mood, from Ta-ku, featuring JMSN and Sango, with ‘Love Again’. If you want to fully chill your mood, then take a listen to the rest on offer from Ta-ku on the EP ‘Songs to Make Up To’, which is a follow up to ‘Songs to Break Up To’. Sensing a bit of a theme here? Ta-Ku is Australian musician, Regan Mathews who has crafted a very specific, soft yet impactful, mellow vibe of a sound style that is even more impressive when you find out that he is in fact musically self-taught.

Joining Ta-ku on this track is JMSN (pronounced Jameson), a American all-round super musically gifted individual. Also we have Sango, Michigan-based producer with a talent for delivering wonderfully ambient and vibey electro sounds.

The combo deal of these three is a lilting, subtle and enticing sound that goes very well with a glass of chilled rose while watching the sun set. Sorry if you are reading this on a Monday morning at your desk…

So, here’s to a very mellow Monday to us all- well, for the duration of this track anyway! For more new music, just take a look here.

Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Music: Hudson Mohawke ‘Warriors’

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Hudson Mohawke is actually Scot, Ross Birchard. He is currently causing quite the stir with his innovative take on the electronic music sound featured in this track, Warriors, as well as his imminently dropping album, ‘Lantern’ out on the 16th (tomorrow!).

The video has a low-tech, natural and relaxed vibe which sits pretty well with the soft and mellow sound of the track. It also gives you the chance to focus on the music itself which is the absolute star of the piece and needs no bells, whistles, fireworks and effects to reassure us of its brilliance.

Can’t wait to hear the whole album. If you’d like to see our other music posts, then just click here.

Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” New Music: Young Fathers ‘Nest’

Monday, June 8th, 2015

This track, ‘Nest‘, has been the deciding factor in whether we have the feels for Young Fathers or not. It’s a yes from us after listening intently and repeatedly. This Edinburgh based group are delivering a really innovative sound that is founded in their hip hop roots but certainly not any kind of hip hop we’ve heard before.

There style is sparse and yet multi layered, with a kind of under-produced/ bedroom-recorded sound that we love for its honesty and rawness. Young Fathers seem to have found a space in between musical genres that is really appealing, really fresh but still somewhat recognisable- like they have distilled lots of our favourite musical reference points from the 80’s, 90’s and reworked at them in an utterly current way. In short, this is cool, they are cool, we feel cooler for having listened to it. If you like this track, then check out their new album, ‘White Men are Black Men too‘.


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Enjoy! Lucy