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We’re Back, We’re Backless

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

If you’re following Blink London on insta then you’ll know I am holidaying in Bali right now. More to come on that- but what my hols also means is that I have had a minute to get stuck back in to my badly ignored blog. No excuses, but things have been pretty darn fabulously hectic at Blink Towers for the past few months. I have not been practicing what I preach about making sure you set aside a regular time slot to keep your blog posts rolling and for that I am sorry (not sorry cos there’s been amazing stuff afoot!).

Well, taking an evening out from my holiday to indulge in my passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, at my trusty laptop, cocktail by my side, surf crashing just beyond the open french doors is no great hardship- and I promise to keep the flow of news, excitement, information and inspiration flowing again!

I am getting my blogging groove back on with a focus on beautiful back views, and not just for the wonderfully appropriate post title opportunity. As a designer I have found myself taking more interest in back details of garments than the fronts recently, and more specifically split, slashed and open, plunging backs. I wanted to share some great inspirational images with you, all swiped from Pinterest with hugest love, thanks and appreciation.

The open back has been getting lost of catwalk love in recent shows, is a great streetstyle looks (backwards shirts are part of this too) as well as spotted in exquisite vintage styles. Here are some of my favourites for you to enjoy, and for more just hit up Blink London on Pinterest.

Pinterest, streetstyle, They All Hate Us, split back shirt, fashion inspiration, Blink London

Streetstyle from Pinterest and TheyAllHateUs

Rochas, white dress, Resort 2017, Vogue Runway, Pinterest, fashion inspiration, Blink London

Rochas Resort 2017, from Pinterest

Dior, vintage Dior, 1962, Paris Fashion Week, fashion inspiration, Blink London

Dior model Kouka at Paris fashion show, February 1962 swiped from Pinterest

Balenciaga, Pinterest, open back dress, Blink London, fashion blog, fashion inspiration

Balenciaga, swiped from Pinterest

the sartorialist, Pinterest, fashion inspiration,, fashion blog, Blink London, swiped from Pinterest

B.H. Wragge, Norman Parkinson, vintage Vogue, Vogue 1965,  Pinterest

B.H. Wragge, photo by Norman Parkinson for Vogue 1965, swiped from Pinterest

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“Blink” Inspiration: Pinterest

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Okay, I avoided it for a little while, but now I have been truly sucked in. The Pinterest bug has got me, and I think I like it…

I was working on a project for a client, reasearching trend for their new season collection, and they suggested I grab a few images onto their Pinterest board. Well, I have to say it was a revelation- and a great way to gather thoughts and images in a really swift and simple way. It’s not perfection (you can’t decide on image adjacency in a board, or resize images to give them focus as you would on a real mood board) but its not half bad. I like the immediacy, the repinning, liking and following. What I don’t like is quite how ‘estrogen heavy’ it seems, so I think it could do with more boys on there to rebalance all of the puppies, cupcakes and wedding favour ideas.

Without Pinterest, I wouldn’t have easily found some really lovely and inspirational images so easily- and time is always of the essence. I also wouldn’t have come across some really creative people who have curated some truly stunning ‘boards’. Here are some of my favourite Pinterest images so far, found from pinners like Anita, Christina Banana, Paola Gambetti and Lasca Sartoris– to name but a few great Pinterest peeps that we’re following.

A member of a swim team rests in her hotel room, photo by Nina Leen, Florida, 1950

A member of a swim team rests in her hotel room, photo by Nina Leen, Florida, 1950

vintage Danish wallpaper

vintage Danish wallpaper

'Kid Carnies'

jewellery inspiration

jewellery inspiration

Serge Lifar and Josephine Baker

Serge Lifar and Josephine Baker

Suzy Parker by Norman Parkinson, 1952

Suzy Parker by Norman Parkinson, 1952

Andy Warhol, Lips 1950s

Andy Warhol, Lips 1950s

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“Blink” Inspiration: Norman Parkinson

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

When I went to the British Design exhibition at the V&A (check out all of our posts here) and saw the model of Concorde, it reminded me of some of my dreams and aspirations as a teenager anticipating a very glamorous future. I so wanted to fly on Concorde. It was the pinnacle of glamorous travel as far as I was concerned. I was going to be so fabulously jet set that I would be popping over to New York on a regular basis via this super sleek, time line defying aeroplane. Needless to say, it was decommissioned well before I was anywhere near making that dream a reality…

It got me thinking about some of my other crazy daydreams, and Norman Parkinson came to mind. As I began to discover fashion, and fashion magazines, the spreads in Vogue featuring Parkinson’s work were always the sexiest, most exotic, fabulous and inspirational. I wanted to be those models, on those locations, being shot by this wonderfully talented and brilliantly eccentric seeming man. When he died I can actually recall the moment of realizing that this dream now would never come true- as if it was even a vague possibility! To my mind he isn’t celebrated quite enough, so here are some gorgeous shots swiped from the wonderful world wide web, to remind us of his genius.

Norman Parkinson, CBE (21 April 1913 – 15 February 1990)

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