“Blink” Music: Paul Thomas Saunders, ‘Howl and Kill’

We came across this artist when having a good riffle through Spotify. We’ve tried to find out something to tell you about Paul Thomas Saunders but he appears to be a little bit of a mystery as far as the internet is concerned with profile pieces being sparse and minimalist to say the least. What we can tell you is that his music is that of an old soul, even though he is a young musician. There’s an undertone of angst blended with a lilting musicality, highlighted by the super sweet high notes that he seems to hit perfectly with very little effort. This track, ‘Howl and Kill’ is one of the newest that we could find on you tube, but the one that first drew us to this artist is ‘A Lunar Veterans Guide to Re-entry’ which is very much worth checking out too, with a lighter and more perhaps Bon Iver-esque quality to it.


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