“Blink” Stylish Steals: We’re hot for Ruby Red

It’s about time we shared another of our discoveries with you, beyond the world of fashion but very much in our world day to day. Stylish Steals is the category where we slip you the intel on some amazing products that we’ve either discovered by chance or been introduced to. They cover all variety of things, but what they have in common is that these are all things that perform well above their cost. In other words, money well spent, bargains and well, stylish steals!

Ruby Red products

Ruby Red products

Ruby Red for sure falls into this category. A new addition to our bathroom shelf, and one that we will be stocking up on across the range. This is a London based skincare brand whose formulations are all based on traditional apothecary, enhanced beyond standard performance with genuine therapeutic skincare benefits. Supporting our opinion that this year old label is doing some very good work is the fact that they are already stocked in Fortnum & Mason as well as Planet Organic. You can also buy directly from their online shop.

I’ve been enjoying slathering on one of their hero products, the Reviving Body Cleanser. As this is all natural, with no chemical nasties, I wasn’t expecting much on the bubbles front so I started off with an extra big serving onto my sponge. The next thing I knew my bathroom had been transformed into a citrus scented version of an Ibiza foam party rave up!

I’ve been following this delicious shower gel with a thorough rub down using their Renewal Shea Skin Cream. It takes some warming up in your hands to make this rub-on-able, but the effort is so very worth it. I must admit to a fashion-based chaffing injury after wearing a ridiculously heavy necklace to London Fashion Week. I had even given my precious pot of Creme de la Mer a try at soothing my sore skin, to no avail. This Ruby Red product has me chaff-free in a matter of two days application. If you suffer from sensitive, dry skin or just enjoy an indulgently rich body cream, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

The only question is, which of their products to try next? Hmmm…