Blink Social- ‘Eonnagata’

OMG! We’ve just come out of Sadlers Wells, and we’re feeling a little giddy with excitement. “Blink” has just been to see ‘Eonnagata’ which proved to be one of the most stylish spectacles that we have ever witnessed. Actually, the only thing that comes close is an Alexander McQueen show, and that’s a coincidence because the genius McQueen collaborated on the costumes for this monochrome extravaganza.

Staring the superb Sylvie Guillem, brilliantly talented Russell Maliphant and extraordinary Robert Lepage. This story recounts a unique moment in history in an equally unique way. This is the tale of Chevalier D’Eon, of the court of Louis XV, who was of indeterminate sex throughout his/her life and was, well, a transvestite spy quite frankly. All true!

We sadly don’t have any shots for you, but have a look at Sadlers Wells website and the Telegraph’s reviews for a little taster.

We’re feeling for intregue, Orientalism, and a stark monochrome colour palette after tonight’s performance.