Colour- High Contrast

Its a look that we have featured previously, in various seasons. Its a sure fire winner from a style and a commercial perspective- so whether you are a fashion lover of a fashion brand, this is one for you.

The joy of black and white. Its a timeless combination that’s sure fire stylishly spot on. We have been stashing these streetstyle shots for the last few weeks. Its shows the variety of looks that work within this palette, from wonderfully historical to super flirty, stopping off at graphically sporty along the way.

Click here for more posts on colour. If you are inspired by our colour palette posts, we’d love you to see the pantone referenced colour palettes that are featured in our monthly reports. Why not contact your nearest agent and ask to have a look at some of the recent issues?

Camberwell on the left and Old Street tube on the right

Soho on the left and Saint Martins graduate show on the right

Saint Martins graduate show