“Blink” retail: SS’12 Chanel

If it weren’t for the amazingly extreme styling, this tailoring could be so ‘lavender and old lace’, however, the magic fashion fairy dust of Karl Lagerfeld and his super styling team at Chanel have instead transformed it into a somewhat challenging look. The lavender tailoring is quite nice alone, but by teaming it with camellia embellished knickers, its elevated into something far more intriguing. We also love the beach appropriate, velour looking variation on the classic Chanel jacket and those stunning fingerless leather gloves. Only the ever chic house of Chanel could make this work.

Chanel Spring 2012

Chanel Spring 2012

Chanel Spring 2012

Chanel Spring 2012

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Enjoy! Lucy

Friday Fun: Saucy on Sloane Street

When we’re out and about shooting the shop windows, its often not until we’re back at the ranch, photoshopping away, that we notice the finer details. This is one of those occasions for sure. What were Bottega Veneta thinking of? Do they really think their refined and rather conservative customer want to a) dress like they’re a tree b) dress like they’re a tree with a rather scary looking pair of big red nipples? Not a look we’ll be rocking any time soon…

“Blink” Retail: YS what the L

Here’s another window shot for you from our outing down Sloane Street earlier this week. As we tweeted, many of the high end stores seem to have skipped past Christmas completely and headed straight into Spring by showcasing their resort collections. YSL seem to have partly gone that route, with a window that combines something more Winter appropriate with something super Springy.

To us this looked like a scene from a Bond movie, with one fashionable character karate chopping the other… “Take that, Bikini girl!” Or maybe she’s trying to knock some sense into her, as she’s clearly lost her mind, wearing a beach appropriate look in December in London.

YSL, Sloane Street

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“Blink” Retail: If Dolce and Gabbana did a Christmas market…

We completely fell in love with this window scheme, spotted yesterday on Sloane Street. It’s probably the fact that it combines some of our favourite things (accessories and sweeties) in such a brilliant way. Yes, if Dolce and Gabbana has a Christmas market stall, we would be in 7th heaven…

Dolce and Gabbana, Sloane Street

Dolce and Gabbana, Sloane Street

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Blink Retail: Louis Vuitton’s beautiful bag explosion

If you have been patiently waiting since we tweeted about spotting this on Monday, we do apologize for the wait and hope you think it was worth holding out for! On our usual retail researching jaunt down Sloane Street, we always know that there will be a visual treat or two.

I have to say that this LV store rarely disappoints. It may not have the moving parts and bright lights of its Bond Street sister, but it manages to impress never the less. The VM team (who are you? Please drop us a line to say ‘Hi’!) work the space that they have to really great effect. These dandelion style explosions of LV symbols is just delicious, framing the utterly delectable bags in a sunshiney halo. Then there’s the melting, super sheeny platform, which then seems to drip drop into a molten puddle below. I don’t really know what the symbolic meaning of it all is, but I do know that I like it. A lot.

Louis Vuitton, Sloane Street

Louis Vuitton, Sloane Street

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Accessories: Prada’s in it for the kicks…

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the bonkers-fest that was Prada’s S/S 2011 catwalk show. Its a fabulous pattern and bold colour clash that, due to Prada’s magic touch, just escapes being tacky or ugly and slides into the desirable, ground breaking and innovative category. Who knew we’d be coveting banana prints this season?

Well, if you thought that the clothes were freaky, have you checked the new shoes out? These stopped us in our tracks on Sloane Street, and I think I may actually have started to salivate… If you were after a new pair of kicks that combine the best of all of your favourite shoes: the brogue, the beetle crusher, and that old Summer fav, the espadrille- then you are in luck, my fashion friend! Check these babies out and dare to tell me that you don’t love them as much as we do!

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Prada's S/S '11 shoes

Prada's S/S '11 shoes

Blink Inspiration: I should Coco!

As you saw from yesterday’s post, its all about Christmas out there in fashion retail land, but some brands have decided not to take the sparkly lights and tinsel approach.

At Chanel, Karl seems to have decided that, after all the fun of super shaggy fur, he was on to more of a naive and crafty direction. I’m not so sure what Madame Coco herself would think of these, but we just love these mini Chanel dollies. The likeness is just perfect and the detailing is divine. These petite Coco’s are tucked in and around the mannequins in the Sloane Street store, adding a very appealing ‘tongue in cheek’ touch to their Christmas scheme. Who knew that the House of Chanel had such a sense of humour! Actually, we do remember the Kaiser Karl teddy bears of not that long ago, made by Steiff, so I suppose that a Coco dolly doesn’t seem such a crazy idea. When you are so rarefied and wonderful, what could be more appropriate than poking a little fun at yourself- but obviously in a terribly stylish way?!

Coco Chanel recreated in knit!

Knitwear- Autumn in June

Cricky, it seems that Summer has finally arrived..

Well, we say finally, but actually we’ve only been waiting a few weeks here in London as June is usually the beginning of the warm weather. It just feels like we’ve been waiting for ages as we’ve been reporting on Summer product in the stores since April. Fashion sets its own racing pace. Just as Summer gets here the stores are all on sale, slashing prices on product that the general public are actually only just now feeling ready to wear. No one ever said fashion had to make sense!

What we certainly aren’t ready to wear is Autumn product in 32 degrees of steamy heat. That hasn’t deterred retailers from starting to roll out the Autumn 2010 collections. Early on the uptake was Chanel. We spotted this when retailing Sloane Street, contemplating which flavour Magnum would be best to cool us down. This sweater, although absolutely lovely, didn’t help us feel any less ‘glowing’ (ladies don’t sweat you know!). We had just got over the shock when we passed the stunning Louis Vuitton windows which featured flannel slacks and a long haired fur shrug…

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Chanel early Autumn 2010 product