The Reports: April’11 Denim

So, this week we have updated ‘The Reports’ tab with the April reports. These were issued at the end of March and feature lots of wonderful Spring Summer product. As they are the life-blood of our business, we decided to dedicate a week of posts to them, to share a little of each report with you all. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the posts this week, and you can look at them all together by clicking on ‘The Reports’ tab any time you like too.

Last but certainly not least is the ‘Denim’ report. It’s always a really interesting one to pull together as its a mixture of huge amounts of continuity and then some really fabulous, swift and speedy micro trends on colour, hardware or treatments. It also covers a pretty diverse product group, hence the name of ‘Denim plus’. This season, so far, we’ve seen n explosion of colour, the continuation and development of heavy metal hardware as well as some great new silhouette updates.

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If you’d like to see more of the reports (the attached gallery is just a preview of the first few pages. There are about 40 pages in each report) then take a look at our list of agents and contact your nearest one- or of course you can contact us directly.

The Reports: April’11 Soft Wovens

Its Friday, so we thought we’d treat you to two reports today. Consider it our gift to you, to say ‘Have an inspirational Friday!’

So, the penultimate in our week’s worth of showcasing the “Blink” reports is ‘Soft Wovens’. Its one of the more recent additions to the monthly portfolio of reports and its doing very well.

If you’re not familiar with this category of product, ‘Soft Wovens’ is a fashion industry term for wovens that are lighter and finer, less structured or constructed than tailored pieces. Its a growing and diversifying area of the market, and probably the most fashion topical for the past couple of seasons. Do have a look at the gallery below. This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this report goes. After these few introductory pages there are up to 35 more which are packed with great detailed product shots. Enjoy!

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The Reports: April’11 Jersey

I hope that you have all enjoyed perusing the ‘Print’ and ‘Knit’ reports from the past few day’s posts. Today its all about jersey.

Often the backbone of high street collections, but not solely about basics. Jersey has been an interesting category to track, moving from king pin to under-pinning for the past few seasons, but definitely taking the opportunity to shine with the rise of sportswear influenced looks (I’m sure all jersey designers are thanking Alexander Wang!) as well as the new direction in linear inspired silhouettes. If you get this category right, you can pretty much guarantee till ringing success. We aim to help you achieve that through page upon page of detailed, informative and inspirational product shots month upon month, showcasing the best from all levels of London based retailing.

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The Reports: April’11 Knitwear

Continuing our week of showcasing our lovely reports, now we have the ‘Knitwear’ edition to share with you.

Whether Spring/ Summer or Autumn/ Winter, for the past 18 months, the knitwear report has proven to be the category where we find  lots of innovation and inspirational designs month upon month. Right about now, we do start to see a seasonal swing towards soft wovens or jersey, but the knitwear that we do manage to track down does look great. Yarns start to move towards cooler, cleaner handles like deliciously slubby linens and lots of fresh cotton- and this time around we have spotted tape yarns coming through really strongly too.

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If you feel that our reports could be a good tool for your business, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly or have a look here to see who is your nearest agent. We’d be delighted to have the opportunity to show you the reports in their glorious, technicolour reality.

Blink Retail: Louis Vuitton’s beautiful bag explosion

If you have been patiently waiting since we tweeted about spotting this on Monday, we do apologize for the wait and hope you think it was worth holding out for! On our usual retail researching jaunt down Sloane Street, we always know that there will be a visual treat or two.

I have to say that this LV store rarely disappoints. It may not have the moving parts and bright lights of its Bond Street sister, but it manages to impress never the less. The VM team (who are you? Please drop us a line to say ‘Hi’!) work the space that they have to really great effect. These dandelion style explosions of LV symbols is just delicious, framing the utterly delectable bags in a sunshiney halo. Then there’s the melting, super sheeny platform, which then seems to drip drop into a molten puddle below. I don’t really know what the symbolic meaning of it all is, but I do know that I like it. A lot.

Louis Vuitton, Sloane Street

Louis Vuitton, Sloane Street

For more retail inspiration, just click here. Enjoy!

Blink Retail: Tallulah and Hope SS’11 Collection

You may recall our interview with Zoe and Lisa of Tallulah and Hope, celebrating the launch of their wonderful new label. Here we are, a little further down the line and their kaftan collection has graced the beaches and boardwalks of some of the most desirable holiday locations, worn by some incredibly stylish women. We were so excited to hear that they are launching a new collection of print and pattern in their signature silhouettes, and even more delighted when Lisa and Zoe sent over the images so that we could showcase them here on the “Blink” blog for you all to be tempted by too!

We asked the T&H team about the inspiration behind the new offer and this is what they told us: ” This collection is titled ‘Minimal Glamour’ and, in keeping with our manifesto of elegant simplicity and refusal to bow to holiday wardrobe cliches, the new SS11 collection offers a sublime combination of kimono inspired prints with a striking yet demure colour palette.”

Lisa and Zoe have also added some perfect beach bags to their collection. These have been 100% ethically produced in collaboration with a small, artisan fair trade co-operative.  Both the ‘Boat’ Bag and ‘Tallulah Tote’ are made from palm fibre which is light, yet very strong and resilient.

All of the new styles will be available on the Tallulah and Hope website from the end of April. Well, now all we need is to book that holiday…

Tallulah and Hope's Spring Summer '11 collection

Tallulah and Hope's Spring Summer '11 collection

Tallulah and Hope's Spring Summer '11 collection

Tallulah and Hope's Spring Summer '11 collection

Streetstyle: In the Bag

Our last post of Asta’s streetstyle snapping from last weekend, and we really love this final look. She looks super chic but also very individual. She is rocking a rather fine bag along with that lovely camel coat. Is it the hair and her make up that gives this all a really retro feel, or is it the proportions of her outfit? Maybe its just the overall combination. She has got us thinking of Mary Poppins though… maybe we’ve just discovered our new season style icon?

Click here for more inspiration street fashion looks. Enjoy!

Covent Garden

Streetstyle: Sunnies and Scarves

Its the perfect when the sun is shining but still not quite warm enough to defeat the chill in the air. We really love these girls looks. Effortlessly well put together. Cute as well as functional.

Do click here for more streetstyle shots. Enjoy!

Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Streetstyle: Menswear Inspiration

So, here’s day two of this weekend’s streetstyle shots and we’ve decided that Wednesday is all about the boys. Here are some really diverse looks that each individually look very cool. From retro formal (with fro), through relaxed formal to a softened rock look. These reflect just a small part of the fabulous diversity of looks out there for the boys this Spring. We hope to bring you some more very soon.

Thanks to Asta for all of this weeks shots. Great work.

Click here for more streetstyle coverage. Enjoy!

Brick Lane, East London

Brick Lane, East London

Covent Garden

Brick Lane, East London

Streetstyle: Spring Back to Black

For this week we have a selection of streetstyle shots that showcase what’s being worn right now- and I have to say that the bold colour message is perhaps yet to fully filter through to the streets. Well, yesterday was officially the first day of Spring so perhaps we’ll start to see more colour coming through. For this weekend, however, it was still about layering, tonality and neutrals. We start off with two very cool looking shady ladies rocking black on black…

Enjoy and click here for more of our inspiring streetstyle coverage.

Covent Garden

Brick Lane