London Fashion Week: Teatum Jones SS’12 Collection

We’re delighted to be able to post a stunning video from one of our favourite London based brands, Teatum Jones. Its another that was previously exclusive to Vogue, and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to share it with you now.

We asked Catherine and Rob shared with us their highlights from this years’ London and Paris Fashion Weeks:

This was our first ‘On Schedule’ Presentation during LFW and the brand’s first fashion film too!  Like anything that we venture into, this meant that every detail surrounding the event and the creation of the film, had to be meticulously designed, thought out and executed.
We really grew the collection for SS’12 and expanded the areas that have shown signs of growth for us in particular in the Middle East and US markets. It created A LOT of hard work from our amazing team to bring the whole collection together, but then nothing that isn’t worth working seven days a week for isn’t going to be hard work!
There was a real buzz and excitiement surrounding the Presentation and with all the positive feedback and reviews we’ve had since we’re are filled with so many ideas for AW’13… really cannot wait to get stuck into designing next season’s collection and LFW event!

The SS’12 collection considers the supposed perfection of 1950’s American suberbia, while subtly blending in the edgyness of  lost or crushed dreams and the frantic urge to escape. Teatum and Jones translated this story in to a collection of hybrid shapes, subtly confusing silhouettes and delicate transparencies. The collection really is a stunning feat of care, construction and consideration. Prints are meticulously matched across panels and inserts- even in to pocket linings. Complexly combined textiles are amazingly colour matched in a selection of sophisticated frosted pastel shades. The interiors are finished to an almost couture level of beauty too.  This is a label that is operating to the supreme level that reflects where they hope their brand will sit in the global market, which is deeply impressive considering that they are a really quite new label who are still working hard to break into the general fashion consciousness.

We are convinced that this is the break through season for Teatum Jones as they have secured orders from our favourite London fashion store, Liberty, as well as from other prestigious stores in Vancouver and New York as well as across Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


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London Fashion Week: New Labels we Love

We always spend a good part of our time at London Fashion Week scouring the show at Somerset House, looking for new names to be inspired by as well as checking out labels that we have discovered during previous LFW events. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites from this September’s event. Some names you may be familiar with, and some may be new discoveries for you too.

Starting with Teatum Jones, who we met and fell for during February’s LFW. Click here to have a look at the interview we did with them, and we’re hoping to have more from the new collection to share with you too. Their gorgeously lush, pastel toned collection was underscored by a darker theme of harsh realities, broken dreams and a desire to escape. The textiles that they used, as well as couture level construction, was incredibly impressive from this young brand.

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones of Teatum Jones, with the SS'12 collection

Next we have AVHASHBY, which is one of the collections by Anne Valerie Hash, launched in July 2010. The SS’12 collection feels light and breezy, girly without straying into saccharine, urban appropriate without being at all hard edged. Another French design obsession developing? Very possibly…

AVHASHBY, SS'12 collection

AVHASHBY, SS'12 collection

The Bora Aksu show received a wonderfully positive response- not only for the collection itself but for the fact that his incredible signature hosiery will, for the first time, be available for sale via the Bora Aksu website. The collection is an intricate layered and texturally sophisticated offer featuring corset inspired detailing. The nude toned dresses extended into bolder pink shades which then deepened into shadowy shades to end the show. Very beautiful in an ethereal yet strong and bold way.

Bora Aksu, SS'12

Bora Aksu, SS'12

Taking a far more mainstream approach, but no less desireable, was the new RTW collection from J Brand which was shown as part of the Rainbow Wave presentation at Somerset House. Led by Creative Director, Donald Oliver (ex Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and Gap), this new offer from the brilliant New York based denim brand was a really pleasant surprise. Aiming at the sector of the market currently dominated by the likes of Carven and Rag & Bone, this is about something extra special yet everyday. The super soft stretch leathers, Italian knits and sumptuous silks all worked through a soft neutral and pastel tinted palette. This is your casual/ off duty wardrobe but at its very best. We want it all now!

J Brand RTW, SS'12

J Brand RTW, SS'12

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Blink Interviews: Teatum Jones

We are very excited to share with you our latest fashion discovery. While at London Fashion Week we’re always on the look out for something that looks fresh and innovative. In September last year, that came in the form of the wonderful Felicity Brown (read her interview here), and this February, we came across Teatum Jones. It was a new name to us, and is perhaps also to you, but there is a growing excitement around this brand- and we feel sure that this is a name that will be on the top if many fashion editors and buyers wish list in the season’s ahead.

Catherine Teatum met Rob Jones while they worked together at John Richmond, where they discovered a shared creative passion driven by an edgy and sometimes sinister blend of romance and tragedy. Both designers are engaged with the concept of fashion embracing a story, and the stories that are subtly expressed though their use of silhouette and pattern are just incredible and fascinating.

Having decided to launch their own label, Teatum and Jones spent several years researching and developing their concept for a contemporary, relevant, refined and chic womenswear brand. After being selected as a Fashion Fringe finalist in 2009, they launched their debut collection for SS’11. “Teatum Jones….build their own fashion picture, the result being a clever and tight collection…with lots of hidden details…the sorts of details that make a jacket sit just right, or a dress perfect to pose in” – Jessica Bumpus

So, here are their fascinating answers to our interview questions…

Do you think that wearability is more important than creativity?

Above all else, concept comes first. Without the concept hinging everything together from the top, you do not have a brand. Then what follows is an understanding of the need to have a commercial balance. From this understanding you’re able to structure a collection that satisfies the need for both creativity and wearability.

How would you describe your fashion aesthetic?

Effortless chic, honing the perfect balance between masculine and feminine and structure and fluidity.

Care to share any fashion don’ts or disasters?

Don’t drink three bottles of champagne and wear 9” heels. That should give some clue as a previously witnessed fashion disaster.

Which comes first for you, personal style or trends?

Personal style. Trends are transient, real style enjoys longevity because it expresses the integrity of your core character.

What or who are your longest standing design influences?

The human mind. We draw our biggest inspiration from how we emotionally react to different situations, subjects and other human beings.

What is currently tempting you into making a purchase?

The new iPad….damn those apple people….such a sexy consumer driven brand.

What’s the best fashion advice that you’ve ever been given?

Trust your gut instinct.

Can you share with us your most fabulous fashion moment?

When we met Janice Dickenson at the Designers Party during London fashion Week…we spotted her on the stairs and called out her name, she turned around and slurred an obscenity at us….it was perfect. It was exactly the greeting we were hoping for. She is beyond fashion fabulous. She is just fantastic.

Who would you love to work with, past or present?

We would have loved to work with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert throughout their reign. What they did for British Culture, and the Arts was phenomenal and we still benefit from it today.

Paper and pencil or computer and mouse?

One cannot exist without the other. When it comes to cutting, you cannot beat the nuance and detail in a handcrafted pattern yet what we can create on the computer for our prints is utterly limitless.

I feel most creative when…

Listening to something like Philip Glass and wandering through an exhibition in central London that has just sparked something and your heart starts to beat faster knowing that you have stumbled cross your next hook.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Knowing that everyday you’re waking up, making your way into a studio you love and getting that little bit closer to achieving your ultimate dream.  We’re incredibly privileged to be able to do what we love. Not everyone has that choice so we try to never to take anything for granted.

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones

Teatum Jones, AW'11 Collection

Teatum Jones, AW'11 Collection

Teatum Jones, AW'11 Collection

Teatum Jones, AW'11 Collection

Thanks so much to Rob and Catherine for the time that they gave us to create this brilliant interview. I cannot wait to see how their brand develops.

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London Fashion Week: February ’11 Somerset House Overview

Somerset House still looks beautiful through the drizzle, and the fashion pack followed suit. There was no change in the super high style stakes, aside from the addition of some umbrellas. We have some fabulous streetstyle shots to follow over the next few days, but wanted to start by setting the scene for this London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

We saw some great new collections from familiar names at the Somerset House exhibition, but we also discovered some new names that we’d like to share with you too.

A scarf installation featuring the work of Topshop sponsored NEWGEN deisgners.

Lets start with the Topshop sponsored NEWGEN group of designers, and we caught up with Henry and Felicity Brown. The new Felicity Brown collection is a continued development of her amazingly complex mille-feuille detailing layered onto dream dresses, incorporating more structured, corset style detailing. The addition of more graphic print and pattern adds a really exciting edge to this collection, which also incorporates Felicity’s great T-shirt range. We’re hoping to have some more shots of the new collection to share with you soon, and if you’d like to know more about the inspiration behind this collection, then have a look at this interview we did with Felicity while she was developing her ideas for the AW ’11 range.

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection at London Fashion Week

We also met Yang Du for the first time, even though we have admired her collection for several seasons already and have also featured her work a couple of times on the blog (she’s currently being featured in the Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’ windows). The AW’11 collection is titled ‘3times Lucky’ and features Yang’s signature hyper coloured graphic interpretations of animal motifs. We particularly love the elephant hat and the piglet scarf, with the pigs sporting cute crochet bra tops…

The designer, Yang Du, at London Fashion Week

Yang Du at London Fashion Week

Moving on from the NEWGEN area into the rest of the exhibition we spotted Shao Yen, who is also one of Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’ and a designer that we have previously seen at On/Off. This is his second collection and a continued development of his stunningly textural and almost graphic or sculptural handwriting. The theme for the AW’11 collection is ‘Goddess’ and Shao Yen delivers a very new take on this time honoured theme.

Shao Yen at London Fashion Week

A brand new discovery for us was Teatum Jones. This relatively new label is the brain child of Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones. They very kindly took the time to explain to me the ethos behind their brand, and the inspiration behind this particular collection. They have approached developing their brand in a very restrained and refined way, focusing on a narrow portfolio of textiles translated into a focused selection of silhouettes- but the way that they have combined those textiles, shapes- and most critically, the element of print, creates what feels like a comprehensive and compelling offer. Their inspiration is really fascinating too, with not a small touch of the macabre. We are hoping to interview them soon, so more details to follow…

Teatum Jones with their "Eva Moore Shirt Dress" in the Endurance print, at London Fashion Week

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