“Blink” Retail: Stylish Valentine’s Gifts from Pitfield

Pitfield London

Pitfield London's Valentine gift suggestions

Pitfield London's Valentine gift suggestions

If you’re as disorganized or indecisive as us when it comes to gift buying and you’re running a little last minute for Valentine’s, we think that this is the perfect solution. Pitfield London have pulled together their suggestion of the perfect Valentine’s gifts from their East London shop. As always, you can guarantee that what they are suggesting is super stylish, chic and also pretty unique. Perfect for the one that you love should they be rather picky (check), style conscious (check) and allergic to anything too sickly, commercial and obvious (check, check, check!).

So stop running about in panicked circles and get thee to Old Street ASAP!

“Blink” Reports: A Valentine’s Offer


Happy Valentine's Day! (image of these gorgeous Westwood shoes with thanks to Pinterest)

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