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“Blink” Retail: Pitfield

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

I’ve been meaning to track down the ‘Pitfield’ store for an age, so I’m delighted to say that I have now finally made it, and done most of my Christmas shopping there to boot!

East London locals, interior designer Shaun Clarkson and textile designer Paul Brewster have created a really rather unique store/ curiosity shop that reflects their eclectic, vintage inspired tastes as well as being an exhibition space, a florists and a cafe too! The perfect ‘one stop shop’ if you ask me. Brewster has work with designers such as Versace, Gianfranco Ferre and Diane von Furstenberg and most of us have probably been in a signature Shaun Clarkson‐designed environment, be it the Harvey Nichols bar, the bar at the Oxo Tower or the Dukes Hotel Bar, so they were both extremely well equiped to create a really fantastic store with a really compelling selection of product.
Pitfield plays host to a constantly rotating exhibition of local London designers, craftspeople and artists sitting alongside well‐established international brands, design classics, re‐invented items, vintage pieces and Clarkson’s and Brewster’s own designs.
The cafe is a gorgeous compliment to the store, plus if you like the chair you’re sitting on to eat your freshly baked cake, then you can most likely buy it!

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

Pitfield, East London

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Blink Events: The Vintage Festival, Part 5- The Finale

Monday, August 8th, 2011

We couldn’t fit all the fun into one week’s worth of posts so we have another for you today- but this is the last about the wonderful Vintage Festival. To catch up on all the posts from this event, just click here. The final post has been reserved for two British heritage brands, both of whom have a rich history in adding pattern into our lives.

Firstly we look at a capsule wallpaper collection created in partnership between Graham and Brown and Hemingway Design, in joint celebration for the Festival of Britain’s 60th anniversary and Graham and Brown’s 65th anniversary. Both companies are from Blackburn and have a working relationship that has lasted for over a decade, so had the perfect foundation to create this set of four designs reflecting the 30’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. As Donna Riley, Brand Manager of Graham and Brown, puts it “These new designs give a nod to the past and a wink to the future.”

'Loopy Lines'

'Do the Stretch'


'Deco Diamond'

The second brand in the spotlight is Horrockses, who celebrate their return after many years ‘resting’. This iconic 50’s printed textile and dress making brand has returned with a slightly new take on their heritage, with a collection of bedlinen all inspired by the brand’s rich archive. The Vintage Festival hosted the first ever opportunity to buy this new collection, prior to its mid August launch nationwide. We feel in love with the ‘Martha’ collection, a peppy floral and butterfly combination that is guaranteed to put an end to Monday morning blues…

the 'Martha' collection

a vintage Horrockses dress

a vintage Horrockses dress

Well, we have reached the end of our posts on an incredible event. Thanks again to Wayne and the whole team for all of their dedication and hard work. It was immense!

Blink Events: The Vintage Festival, Part 4 aka ‘Shop ’til you Drop’

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Here we are on the fourth day of our coverage from the Vintage Festival, and we still have more to come! We think this is testament to the incredible diversity of events and quality of the experience created by Wayne Hemingway and the Vintage Festival team. Today we look at the amazing shopping at the event, which was mainly focused on fantastic vintage fashion, but there was also vintage homewares and furniture, brilliant art and a selection of big names who fit in with the mood,  like Cath Kidston and Benefit.

Within the Royal Festival Hall itself was a selection of more ‘high end’ vintage stalls. Our favourite was Fraubraun. We were told that this business developed out of the founder’s passion for collecting beautiful vintage womenswear. Stephanie Braun has an incredibly well honed sense of what will suit each one of her potential customers and within moments had selected two dresses for our Creative Director to slip into. Both fitted like a dream. You are then encouraged to step into the pop up photographic studio and take your own photo. Even if you aren’t quite ready to make a purchase, what a lovely experience. We have a couple of those shots below, so you’ll get a rare look at the face behind “Blink”.

Beyond the Royal Festival Hall was a wonderful market style set up, with some of the best quality vintage that we have seen in some time. As antique fair aficionado’s this was a kind of heaven. We first came across Stark, Wingate and Brown whose stall featured some brilliant graphic art. We spotted James Brown, who we have previously interviewed, and also Mr Wingate who we profiled for the Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s website. Beyond this was stall upon stall of wonderful vintage. It was impossible not to part with some cash, but thank goodness we didn’t succumb to the Danish teak mid century desk we spotted…

Wayne, sorry I didn’t make it for that dance you promised me in the disco, but I was exhausted from all of the day’s excitements and had to take myself home (with all my shopping) for a well earned rest!

St Bride Foundation's Letterpress stall

St Bride Foundation's Letterpress stall

Wingate and Brown of Stark, Wingate and Brown

Stark, Wingate and Brown

Stylish stallholders at the Vintage Festival

Wonderful vintage in the marketplace

Wonderful vintage in the marketplace

Inspirational homewares in the marketplace

Our Founder and Creative Directer in one of Fraubraun's vintage dresses

Our Founder and Creative Directer in one of Fraubraun's vintage dresses

Blink Inspiration: Vintage adventures at Ardingly

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

You may have spotted the tweets that we took a day away from the studio on Tuesday. We braved the weather, packing wellies and waterproofs to head off down to East Sussex for Ardingly Antiques Market. As we got closer, we glimpsed blue skies through the driving rain. As we pulled into Ardingly the weather had a wondrous change of heart and the sun put his hat on. It was a blessing as much of the fair is in open fields and antiques just look that much less enticing when you are knee deep in mud…

Here are some shots of some of the things that we spotted and loved, some of which may have come home with us. We hope that you find them inspiring. We certainly did. The most exciting spot was the beautiful painting, pictured below. I thought that the subject looked familiar. As I questioned the seller, it became apparent that this was in fact, Darla-Jane Gilroy, who I did one of my work placements with when studying fashion, and who I have recently had the joy of working with at LCF. What a small world!

An Ozzie Clark spotted at Ardingly

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Blink Travels: Tokyo, Nakameguro

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

If you were following us on Facebook or Twitter last week you’d know its been an adventurous time for “Blink”. We just returned from a fabulous trip to Tokyo. Its our biggest market for the “Blink” reports so we thought our wonderful agents, Taiyo Trading, deserved a visit. It was also a great opportunity to have a look at the Tokyo scene and gain a better understanding of who our customer is out there.

Well, if you haven’t been yourself yet we can tell you that its a ‘must’ for the thrill seekers amongst you. Its a crazy, hectic, amazing and bonkers place. You need to have a high tolerance for noise and flashing lights, and its not the place for crowd-phobics either! Having said that, we did discover a couple of corners of this energetic city that had a more low-fi feeling. These were our favourite spots as they included brilliant vintage stores, as well as providing a sweet respite from the sensory overload of areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku.

The first we’d like to share with you is Nakameguro. This area is very picturesque, with stores alongside a small river and then dotted between houses on small lanes branching off in all directions. Its a really perfect pace change, even though its only a few minutes walk from Daikanyama. Here we found some really inspiring vintage stores- particularly good for menswear inspiration. The vintage had a really American flavour mostly, with a little French flea market chic thrown in, which was really interesting to see even though we would have preferred to see at least some vintage kimonos dotted in along the way…

a bridge over the river in Nakameguro

Jantique vintage homeware store

N'cest-ce pas? vintage womenswear store

1-800 Toll Free denim oriented menswear store

1-800 Toll Free

Soulfood mens, womens and kids store


Nakameguro's version of street art

Olgou, vintage menswear and womenswear store