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“Blink” Streetstyle: Ultra Styled Vintage

Friday, January 20th, 2012

off Brick Lane, East London

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Enjoy! Lucy

Streetstyle: Vintage East

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

We sent Hannah, our intrepid intern, to East London to search out some Winter streetstyle for us. She came back with some wonderful shots, so thank you to y’all for stopping to have your photo taken. There was a really clear overarching theme to the majority of the shots, aside from great outerwear to fend off the chill, which was a vintage feel. I know that this isn’t in any way new news, but the looks are gorgeous regardless. From a wholly adopted era specific statement to snatched elements of a moment in time, this is a guaranteed way to look unique and innovative.

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Blink Events: The Vintage Festival, Part 5- The Finale

Monday, August 8th, 2011

We couldn’t fit all the fun into one week’s worth of posts so we have another for you today- but this is the last about the wonderful Vintage Festival. To catch up on all the posts from this event, just click here. The final post has been reserved for two British heritage brands, both of whom have a rich history in adding pattern into our lives.

Firstly we look at a capsule wallpaper collection created in partnership between Graham and Brown and Hemingway Design, in joint celebration for the Festival of Britain’s 60th anniversary and Graham and Brown’s 65th anniversary. Both companies are from Blackburn and have a working relationship that has lasted for over a decade, so had the perfect foundation to create this set of four designs reflecting the 30’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. As Donna Riley, Brand Manager of Graham and Brown, puts it “These new designs give a nod to the past and a wink to the future.”

'Loopy Lines'

'Do the Stretch'


'Deco Diamond'

The second brand in the spotlight is Horrockses, who celebrate their return after many years ‘resting’. This iconic 50’s printed textile and dress making brand has returned with a slightly new take on their heritage, with a collection of bedlinen all inspired by the brand’s rich archive. The Vintage Festival hosted the first ever opportunity to buy this new collection, prior to its mid August launch nationwide. We feel in love with the ‘Martha’ collection, a peppy floral and butterfly combination that is guaranteed to put an end to Monday morning blues…

the 'Martha' collection

a vintage Horrockses dress

a vintage Horrockses dress

Well, we have reached the end of our posts on an incredible event. Thanks again to Wayne and the whole team for all of their dedication and hard work. It was immense!

Blink Events: The Vintage Festival, Part 3- more Vintage Streetstyle

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

We decided to split the Vintage Festival streetstyle coverage into two day’s worth of posts as we didn’t want to blow your brains with one massive dose of inspirational information! We hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s post. Here’s the second drop for you, and then there is lots more inspiration from the amazing event to come for the rest of the week.

The Vintage Festival

The Vintage Festival

The Vintage Festival

The Tally Ho! Cycle Tour girls at The Vintage Festival

The Tally Ho! Cycle Tour girls at The Vintage Festival

The Tally Ho! Cycle Tour girls at The Vintage Festival

The Tally Ho! Cycle Tour girls at The Vintage Festival

The Vintage Festival

The Vintage Festival

The Vintage Festival

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Blink Events: The Vintage Festival, part 1

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

What a weekend! We started off with the Vintage Festival, looking rather retro fabulous on London’s Southbank, and ended up with a wet wipe wash in a Dorset field, but that’s a whole nother story…

Back to the stunning Southbank Centre and the absolutely amazing Vintage Festival. We have been priming you with teasers for this over the past few weeks. We truly hope that you took our advise and got yourselves down there. I have to say that I haven’t experienced anything quite like it. How civilized to have a festival within a beautiful building and only a short bus journey from home at that. We arrived for the pre-launch Press walk about and we were stunned at how brilliantly Wayne and his team had executed their vision. We spoke briefly to Wayne Hemingway who said that he was a little exhausted but incredibly happy with how it was going.

As the crowds streamed in the Royal Festival Hall really came to life as dancing got underway, the wonderful vintage clothing was riffled through, the 60’s Art College experience was, well, experienced, the make up artists and hairdressers helped to add even more authenticity to the really very impressive retro looks sported by some very committed vintage fans in attendance. This was a truly incredible and unique experience, and I hope that the team get to repeat it next year. As a vintage fan, I have never seen so much amazing product available to buy in one location, I’ve never experienced the different era’s of music in quite that way in such close proximity, I’ve never seen so many well turned out vintage enthusiasts, and I’ve never before had a cup of tea with a Pearly Queen. For all of that I thank Wayne and his incredibly dedicated team.

We hope that this first post helps to set the scene and then we have some more detailed looks at what we loved, as well as having some great style shots to inspire you.

The Vintage Festival in the Royal Festival Hall

'Bad Art Salon' at the Vintage Festival in the Royal Festival Hall

Foyles showcase some vintage classics at the Vintage Festival

Charity Shop DJ at the Vintage Festival

The Vintage Festival in the Royal Festival Hall

The Vintage Festival in the Royal Festival Hall

The Vintage Festival in the Royal Festival Hall

Jiving in the Torch Club

The Vintage Festival in the Royal Festival Hall

The Vintage Festival in the Royal Festival Hall

Blink Inspiration: Vintage adventures at Ardingly

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

You may have spotted the tweets that we took a day away from the studio on Tuesday. We braved the weather, packing wellies and waterproofs to head off down to East Sussex for Ardingly Antiques Market. As we got closer, we glimpsed blue skies through the driving rain. As we pulled into Ardingly the weather had a wondrous change of heart and the sun put his hat on. It was a blessing as much of the fair is in open fields and antiques just look that much less enticing when you are knee deep in mud…

Here are some shots of some of the things that we spotted and loved, some of which may have come home with us. We hope that you find them inspiring. We certainly did. The most exciting spot was the beautiful painting, pictured below. I thought that the subject looked familiar. As I questioned the seller, it became apparent that this was in fact, Darla-Jane Gilroy, who I did one of my work placements with when studying fashion, and who I have recently had the joy of working with at LCF. What a small world!

An Ozzie Clark spotted at Ardingly

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Blink Events: The Vintage Festival, another teaser!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

If you are yet to purchase your tickets to this amazing event, we suggest you make your mind up and get on-line quick smart! This is not one to be missed…

Actually its not a complete disaster if you don’t buy tickets, as much of the Vintage Festival is free and open to all. However, if you do want access in to the beautiful Royal Festival Hall, and all of the amazing events held within its wall, you will need to part with your cash. I promise you that it will be money well spent. From what I found out on Monday evening, when being shown around by Wayne and Jack Hemingway (its a family affair), you will be treated to some amazing adventures down memory lane. Wayne did point out that this is not just a ‘Retro Fest’ though. He wanted to achieve two main things with the Vintage Festival. The first was ‘glamour’, recalling times when it was unheard of to head out on a big night without getting dressed up for the evening ahead. The second was to deliver ‘something with meaning’ inspired by great moments in time musically and stylistically, but that also ‘looks at where we are going’.

The start of this mission was the first vintage festival at Goodwood last year, with its 50,000 attendees. This year the event has relocated to the South Bank Centre, at the request of the Royal Festival Hall who wanted this to be the jewel in the crown of their 60th anniversary celebrations. As Wayne Hemingway is beyond passionate about the design, architecture and ethos behind the RFH and the South Bank this seemed a perfect fit. The event will cover an area from the British Film Institute (who will be joining in by showing vintage films, including back to back Avengers episodes that you’ll be able to watch while wearing a free bowler hat) right along the whole of the South Bank to the London Eye. Nearly all of the restaurants and cafe’s along the way will be joining in too (Yo Sushi showing 20’s Japanese films, Skylon will become even more glamorous with a ‘Cabaret’ themed event). There will be a huge vintage market, with special early access for ticket holders (incentive enough on its own to get that ticket bought!), and we are quite intrigued by the ‘Chap Olympiad‘ to be held in Jubilee Gardens, where you will also be able to join the vintage oriented, ultra stylish Pashley bike tours.

If that hasn’t got you in a lather of vintage enthusiasm, then here are some shots to help set the scene, most of which were from last year’s event. See you there. Now, I must go and air my nylons, dust off my corsage and sharpen my eye liner pencil…

The Vintage Festival, Goodwood 2010

The Vintage Festival, Goodwood 2010

Recreating the rave at The Vintage Festival, Goodwood 2010

Wayne Hemingway

A Robin and Lucienne Day inspired interior at the Hemingway curated 'Museum of 51' in the basement of the RFH

Wayne and Jack Hemingway showing us around the museum exhibits

Blink Events: The Vintage Festival

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

So, last night we were delighted to be invited to meet Wayne Hemingway, and his son Jack. They spent the evening showing us around the Royal Festival Hall and telling us all about the plans for the amazing Vintage Festival. Its official, we cannot wait until 29th July when this event begins. We’ll have lots more info and some great shots for you over the next few days, so keep ’em peeled. In the mean time, take a look the Vintage Festival’s brilliant blog, or read up on the event on our earlier post. Enjoy!

Blink Events: Vintage London, The Southbank Vintage Festival

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

If you are a vintage fan, then this post will leave you rather over excited. You’ve been warned!

The Southbank Centre will play host to Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway’s amazing Vintage festival from 29 – 31 July 2011 as part of the Festival of Britain 60th anniversary celebrations. Wayne Hemingway, said: “Vintage at Southbank Centre will be a glamorous and cool antidote to festivals in a field, the emphasis being on head-turning style. Whether your thing is swing, rockabilly, mod, soul, funk, disco, ska, film, art or design, or if you just want to dress up and get an authentic make-over for a day, Vintage at Southbank Centre is a sensual delight, a big dressing-up box, a collector’s dream and joyous creative feast.”

The Royal Festival Hall will be transformed into a multi-venue playground where, over 13 hours each day (from 12pm to 1am), pass holders can learn the dances of the decades, take in over 70 live performances, boogie along to the tunes of 150 DJs, enjoy exclusive catwalk shows and decade specific make-overs, sample Vintage food and cocktails, shop at one of world’s most exciting Vintage marketplaces (over 250 stalls!), and take to the Thames on the Love Boat!

Aside from the amazing shopping opportunities, we are super excited that on the Friday there will be performances by electronic pioneers Thomas Dolby, Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode and Heaven 17, alongside hotly tipped new act Mirrors. On Saturday you’ll have the chance to attend the only UK appearance of legendary Atlantic Records icon Percy Sledge. Sunday’s Hit Parade (31 July) will celebrate British hits from the past seven decades, re-imagined and performed by an array of guest vocalists with an orchestral backing. The evening is headlined by Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb with guest performances by Sandie Shaw! Throughout each day and evening, The Royal Festival Hall will host 8 Vintage nightclubs, immersing visitors in the dance and club scenes of seven decades of British cool. Each club venue will offer free dance lessons led by professional instructors so visitors can learn the Foxtrot, Jive, a Northern Soul backdrop or whatever gets them grooving, before trying out the moves in the Vintage clubs. With stylists and barbers on hand, ticket holders will also be able to get free decade-specific hair and beauty makeovers. The venues will not only transport visitors to the music and style of the decades, but also– via their taste buds–  to the eating and drinking habits of days gone by with authentically conceived Vintage food and cocktails served throughout the day and evening. Genius!

As part of this great gathering of all things Vintage, you will also have the chance to set sail on The Love Boat. A celebration of all things nautical, kitsch and disco, The Love Boat promises passengers a retro summer party palace as it cruises the Thames on one of the rivers oldest boats – The MV Royalty. With five different themed vintage socials a day, hosted by a selection of five-star disc jockeys and taken care of by the colourfully kitsch boat crew, you can party under a giant disco ball all whilst enjoying the spectacular views of London from the Thames. Now that’s what I can a good weekend. Get you tickets sorted and we’ll see you there!

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Blink Details: Bringing Sexy Back

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Its an exciting new focal point that we have noted over the past month or so, and our trip to Paris managed to seal the deal. The back is the new front, ladies and gentlemen. Its official. From the nape of your neck down to the top of your tushy. Whether a peak, a flash, a slash or the full reveal, its all about the back, baby. Its a really exciting addition to some otherwise simplistic silhouettes on many occasions. You see the front view and think “Well, that’s a perfectly nice, but rather plain, Tshirt/ shift dress/ blouse etc” and then you see the rear view and your heart speeds up and your pupils dilate. Its sexy, but in a whole new way. Its subtle, chic and really quite sophisticated.

So, we encourage you to put your back into it, back us up, don’t be backwards in being forwards. Sorry… ahem, we got a little carried away then. Just do it. Its sexy and you’ll look hot. What more is there to say?

YSL, Paris

YSL, Paris


YSL, Paris

vintage at Porte de Vanves, Paris

vintage at Porte de Vanves, Paris

Azzaro at Colette, Paris


Merci, Paris

Merci, Paris