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Blink London reviews Pre Fall 2016 collections: Preen

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
Preen, pre Fall 2016, images with thanks to Vogue, fashion trends, fashion show review, fashion blog, Blink London, Lucy Williams

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi pre-Fall 2016, images with thanks to Vogue

I hope that you enjoyed our look at Altuzarra. Next in our series of pre-Fall 2016 show reviews we look at a perennial favourite of ours, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.

This collection brings with it the energy, bold graphic approach and splashes of colour that we adore Preen for. In addition to all of those signature elements of subtlety blended with crisp, clean strong shapes, of a vintage backdrop sharpened up with bold pattern this collection also brings with it a somehow more complex, more theatrical, more eclectic softness that I absolutely love. I want to be the Preen woman.

Preen, pre Fall 2016, images with thanks to Vogue, fashion trends, fashion show review, fashion blog, Blink London, Lucy Williams

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi pre-Fall 2016, images with thanks to Vogue

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Blink London reviews Pre Fall 2016 collections

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

The fashion industry is a constantly forward-moving entity, permanently shaping the future in the image defined by a select set of highly creative minds. That sounds pretty heavy right? Well, it is heavy from the perspective that this is a global business that is worth a huge amount of money to many, many people. In direct contrast, this is light as a thought, fleeting as a feeling, as fluid as satin. This is the stuff of dreams turned in to reality. Fashion’s influencers delve deep in to their psyches to divine how we’ll be feeling in the year ahead and how we will want to express that in the most visible way possible- through the way we dress. These are some of the reasons why I never, ever, ever tire of this amazing industry.

Now I can be sure that my fashion passion is absolutely continually fuelled as the inter-season collections are becoming more and more significant and diverse. Even though this has been the case for several annual fashion circuits, I am still usually caught by surprise when the pre Autumn collections pop up on Vogue Runway. Well, it’s just happened again but this time I was more prepared, readier to do a little bit of time travel into next July and August. Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing my highlights from these recent pre-Fall 2016 collections with you.

Kicking things off, here’s my one favourite look from Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta pre-Fall 2016, images with thanks to Vogue

Bottega Veneta pre-Fall 2016, images with thanks to Vogue

I chose this single image from their collection as it sums up many of the things that are looking strongest across many of the pre-Fall collections:

  • maxi length
  • still a 70’s feeling
  • large scale geometric colour blocking
  • lots of shades of red
  • a softly smart feeling

Watch out for more posts featuring our choices from some of the key collections. For more inspiration in the meantime, take a look here.

Fashion Trend Analysis, SS’16: shoulder focus

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Another summary from the Spring Summer 2016 catwalk shows. Hope you liked our previous  post looking at all of the gorgeous frills and ruffles. This time we look at silhouette and the new focus area is the shoulder line. This was a shape change adopted by a hugely diverse selection of designers across all four fashion capitals. That is a perfect indication that this will be something that will have a major impact on all levels of fashion, even though it is a pretty directional shape change.

SS'16 Trend Analysis- shoulder focus by Blink London, Creative Consultancy, fashion trends, fashion forecasting, fashion blog, Lucy Williams

SS’16 Trend Analysis- Shoulder Focus by Blink London

It’s all about the sloped, curvaceous, dropped shoulder which takes the eye almost from neckline to elbow in one sweeping line. This immediately made me think of a very early Victorian silhouette, and I think this image swiped from Pinterest indicates it really beautifully.

The Victorian soft shoulder silhouette, image from Pinterest with thanks, fashion inspiration, vintage fashion, fashion trends, fashion blog, Blink London

The Victorian soft shoulder silhouette, image from Pinterest with thanks

It’s lovely to see fashion delving further back in history for inspiration as we’ve recently been pretty preoccupied with eras that I have actually lived through (depressing!), and I do love a good bit of fashion history.

We’ll be dropping a couple more of these summaries soon, giving you an insight in to the work we do for our international fashion industry clients. The SS’16 show images have been swiped from Vogue, with huge thanks.

“Blink” Inspiration: SS’16 Trend Analysis, Frills

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

This is the first in a series of posts where we share with you our insights into some of the biggest prevailing trends from the SS’16 shows. We have looked closely at every show from New York, London, Milan and now Paris (still going with Chanel happening today at the Grand Palais). As a fashion forecaster you look for repetitive themes in colour, mood, reference points, fabrications, colour, pattern, atmosphere, silhouette, detailing. From that we try to divine what we can anticipate as being the strongest looks to expect to be adopted by the fashion industry as a whole, from top to bottom. Here is a unique insight in to what we have identified, showing you information that would usually be reserved for our fashion industry clients. You lucky fashionista you!

We are starting with a spotlight on frills and ruffles. Mostly these are light, full of movement, feminine and delicate, feeling exuberant and airy, as seen at Dries, Erdem and Gucci. In other looks we see this form taking a more sculptural feel where the frills and ruffles have been shaped from more structured, firm materials creating a strong and striking silhouette, still feminine but with a bolder, more determined attitude, like we have seen from Delpozo or Lanvin.

SS'16 Trend Analysis- Frills by Blink London, Creative Consultancy, fashion trends, fashion forecasting, fashion blog, Lucy Williams

SS’16 Trend Analysis- Frills by Blink London, Creative Consultancy

Images with huge thanks to the show coverage on Vogue. For more on fashion inspiration, just look here.

“Blink” Inspiration: Christopher Kane, pre Fall 2015

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Does anyone else feel like the fashion industry is on an inspiration overload just now? I can’t recall a January being this show-heavy before. We’ve had womenswear pre-Autumn. We’ve had menswear Autumn ’15 which featured quite a few womenswear looks too (check out this post). And right now we are in the midst of the couture shows. Oh, and in a few weeks we’ll start the round of international fashion weeks for womenswear AW’15. Phew, I’m exhausted just being an observer, but imagine how the design teams are all feeling!

Even though these labels have had to deliver collection upon collection in quick succession (I particularly feel for those that do womenswear, menswear and couture!), there has been no lack of amazing, inspired and innovative looks to be dazzled by. We’ll be featuring just a few from various of our favourites, and today we kick things off with Christopher Kane pre Fall ’15.

This is a brand with a super strong, well-clarified handwriting. Christopher Kane stands for tough elegance mixed with urban boldness, a graphic approach to pattern and embellishment teamed with a wonderful eye for proportion, highlighted by a clever mixture of textiles. This collection reflects that mood while still taking the concept forward.

I will actually be showing this collection to my LCF fashion design students in February. It’s a perfect example of how a designer evolves ideas throughout a collection. You can almost see the steps from style to style taking place, from black, through pink, into lace and then florals. Tone on tone delineation into colour blocking, into high contrast graphically placed embellishment.

Here are some of my favourite looks form the show, but we encourage you to get on to (where we swiped these images from, with thanks) to check out the full offer.

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

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“Blink” Events: Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

Thursday, September 4th, 2014
Charles Jourdan, Spring 1979 © Guy Bourdin

Charles Jourdan, Spring 1979 © Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin: Image-Maker

27 November 2014 – 15 March 2015

Embankment Galleries, Somerset House, London


I’ve booked my tickets already. I’m a huge Guy Bourdin fan and as this is the UK’s biggest ever exhibition of his work, including previously unseen material, this is on my ‘unmissable’ list. In fact, I’ve booked it on my birthday as a gift to myself! Thank you Somerset House.

If you don’t know the name, you will for sure recognise the images or be familiar with his style of composition, lighting and colour which has been replicated so many times by photographers and stylists who have been influenced by Bourdin’s groundbreaking, avant-garde and rigorous approach.

Guy Bourdin really sums up late 20th century fashion photography and advertising imagery. He was responsible for big label campaigns from footwear to beauty. Bourdin’s approach was that the total image came first, never compromising his style, and yet still showcasing the product in a very subtle, effective way.

The highly coloured, intense, glossy, slightly surreal and very sexy shots that are his signature style broke ground for innovative, creative photographers. The exhibition includes previously unseen films, paintings and working drawings casting new light on Bourdin’s very thorough approached his work. What an exciting opportunity.

Charles Jourdan, Autumn 1970 © Guy Bourdin

Charles Jourdan, Autumn 1970 © Guy Bourdin

Vogue Paris, May 1970 © Guy Bourdin

Vogue Paris, May 1970 © Guy Bourdin

Charles Jourdan, Spring 1976 © Guy Bourdin

Charles Jourdan, Spring 1976 © Guy Bourdin

Book your tickets now on Somerset House’s website.

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“Blink” Inspiration: Moschino vs James Galanos

Thursday, April 24th, 2014
Moschino vs James Galanos

Moschino vs James Galanos

I shot the left image just the other day, in the window of the Moschino store. A few days later I was cruising around Pinterest and spotted the right hand image. “Ooh” I thought “that reminds me of that Moschino frock, but look, it’s from the 1960’s!”. Yes they are very close indeed. Fashion does regularly eat itself and looks do get regurgitated (sorry if you’re eating your breakfast…).

Probably the more interesting part of this for me is that I have never previously heard of James Galanos. I don’t profess to be a fashion history expert, but I do know a fair bit so it’s really unusual to come across a previously unknown name that appears to have such a glowing fashion history. He’s even on Voguepedia! Galanos set up his label at the beginning of the 50’s in LA and the first collection was a huge success. He then opened a studio in New York where he was discovered by Neiman Marcus who stated that his creations would soon “set the world on fire.” His clothes were made with incredibly high attention to detail which even rivaled the standards of the couturiers in Paris. His label became the one to wear for both New York style gurus like Diana Vreeland, as well as Hollywood stars like Marlene Dietrich and Judy Garland. Galanos  only retired in 1998, “Most people get 15 minutes,” he said “I had 50 years.”

James Galanos

James Galanos

James Galanos worn by Gloria Vanderbilt - April 1961 - Hollywood, California - Photo by Gordon Parks for LIFE Magazine

James Galanos worn by Gloria Vanderbilt – April 1961 – Hollywood, California – Photo by Gordon Parks for LIFE Magazine

James Galanos, 1967

James Galanos, 1967

Samantha Jones in a polka-dot coat by James Galanos, photo by Bob Stone, 1972

Samantha Jones in a polka-dot coat by James Galanos, photo by Bob Stone, 1972

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“Blink” Accessories: Tods take Moccasin’s back to their roots

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

I spotted this in the April issue of French Vogue. Aren’t these the most incredible Tods you’ve ever seen? I always think that this particular brand of ‘car shoe’ is a bit ‘mweh’, which makes this even more of a wonderful surprise. The origins of the moccasin are as a Native American shoe decorated with beads, so this is a rather OTT homage to roots of this brand’s core style really.

Practical? No. Fabulous? Yes indeed!

Tods beaded moccasins

Tods beaded moccasins. Shot from French Vogue by David Bellemere

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“Blink” New Designers: Trager Delaney

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

It seems I may be a season or so in discovering this new London based womenswear label. But better late than never I suppose! After coming across Trager Delaney at London Fashion Week it seemed as if I suddenly kept spotting this label everywhere (a huge window display at Joseph, an article in Vogue, product in Matches). This pair have made quite an impact on the British fashion scene.

Dane, Kim Trager and Brit, Lowell Delaney met while studying fashion at St Martins. After interning at prestigious labels like Celine, Sonia Rykiel and Haider Ackermann they have brought together their respective experience and channeled it into this rather brilliant own label. Aside from the AW’13 collection just looking incredibly fresh, innovative and sophisticated, the pair have utilized some really exciting technical fabrics yet this doesn’t feel like a ‘function’ driven offer at all. If anything it’s ultra elegant in a really modern way. I do wish, however, that there wasn’t fur in the collection, but perhaps this is related to Trager’s Danish heritage. I wonder what the Brit retailers will make of that part of the collection?

Trager of Trager Delaney, with their house model at London Fashion Week

Trager of Trager Delaney, with their house model at London Fashion Week

We spent a brief moment talking with Kim Trager at London Fashion Week, while Lowell Delaney was busy showing buyers the collection. It seems the duo have a very clear plan for their brand which involves a slow and steady growth and a very conscious focus on selling through the very best boutiques (Joseph and Matches are not a bad start don’t you agree?).

I really look forward to seeing where this duo go next with their collection. If all of the attention they are currently enjoying is anything to go by, they have a very exciting future ahead of them.

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“Blink” Events: Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design

Monday, April 15th, 2013

This may look like a rather unassuming doorway in Soho, but in fact it’s one of the most exciting doorways that I’ve been through in my fashion career. Yes, this is the entrance the brand new Conde Nast College.

If you’ve been following my tweets or the “Blink” Facebook page, then you may well be aware that I have been invited to be a Visiting Lecturer at this new establishment. I must admit that this is currently filling me with a rather alarming amount of butterflies, but they are the most stylish butterflies that I have ever encountered.

That feeling of nervous excitement was enhanced somewhat when I was invited to see the space last Wednesday, along with many of the other Visiting Lecturers. This is a stunningly clean, white space that has been incredibly thoughtfully designed to ensure that the student’s gain the most from their time both inside the lecture and seminar rooms, and in the communal spaces (including a rather glamorous roof terrace). The college is packed with cutting edge technology and both the students and staff will all be armed with ipads to work with in what aims to be a virtually paperless environment.

At the end of the tour the founding staff, (Susie Forbes, Principal. Angela Jones, Course Director. Gary Pritchard, Vice Principal) spent some time sharing with us their innovative vision for the college, and then they invited us to all introduce ourselves to the group. Well, I was one of the last to speak and by that stage was utterly awe struck by the expertise, experience and talent gathered in the room. In fact I think I’d like to change my status from lecturer to student as soon as possible because all of the lectures and seminars are going to be incredible.

I’m giving my first lecture on the 24th April. Fingers crossed it’s the first of many.

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