“Blink” Retail: Isabel Marant pour H&M

Yes, we were whipped into a fashion frenzy and joined the scrum at H&M this morning as well as getting RSI trying repeatedly (excessively and yet unsuccessfully) to get onto the website. I have to say that I succumbed to … Continue reading

“Blink” Retail: Isabel Marant x H&M= Fashion wishes coming true!

Wwwwhhhhhhooooooaaaaaaaaaa. My fashion prayers have been answered! It’s a tough fashion life when you have champagne taste but a beer budget (oh the glamour of running your own business!). Well, it was a tough call until H&M introduced their genius … Continue reading

“Blink” Retail: Behind the Scenes of the MMM for H&M Campaign

To say that the “Blink” team is excited about the impending MMM for H&M collaboration, would be somewhat of an understatement. I have already mentally incorporated all of my favourite pieces in to my Winter wardrobe. Let me just tell … Continue reading

“Blink” Retail: H&M’s Dragon Tattoo Collection

We’re huge fans of Stieg Larsson’s books and can’t wait for the film (mainly due to the undeniable charms of Mr Daniel Craig), and when we received the press release from H&M about their collection inspired by Lisbeth Salander’s punk/ … Continue reading