Accesories: Put the Boot In

I think the best term for these would be ‘Fantasy Boots’. Not in the smutty kind of way, but to reflect the amazing level of creativity and imagination involved in creating these high heeled, ankle length beauties!

These are a selection from our Autumn ‘Accessories’ report. There were so many amazing ankle boots to choose from this season, but these represent the creme de la creme in innovation we think. They show a really exciting new thought process around materials, colour and even in-built accessories upon accessories!

Its time to put the boot in, but only ankle deep for Autumn 2010.

Browns Focus

London College of Fashion Graduate Show


Alexander McQueen

London College of Fashion Graduate Show

For more on ‘Accessories’ click here, or if you’d like to see the full version of the ‘Accessories’ report contact your nearest agent.

2 thoughts on “Accesories: Put the Boot In

  1. Are they brake lights on the heal of the boots in the last picture? Looks like they would need them.

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