And finally- 2009 Highlights

Naval gazing is not generally something that we indulge in at “Blink”. We are all about looking ahead at what’s next, what’s fresh and what’s new but I suppose it could be considered rude not to spend a wee moment looking back at our favourite bits of the past year.

We should start by mentioning that 2009 was the year that the “Blink” blog was born and also the year that we started Twittering. Its been an education and we have discovered new passions for cyberspace and our our place in it. Its been an absolute joy to share with you what’s getting us stylishly hot under the collar. Thanks to all of our subscribers, Twitter pals, commenters and those of you who have been spreading the “Blink” joy.

In the fashion world in general, we have adored seeing how Balmainia has infected almost every nook and cranny of the fashion vocabulary. Its also been the year that Alber Elbaz has finally been recognized as the fashion genius that he absolutely is. So, two very different Parisian giants have been slugging it out for the top spot in incredibly different and diverse ways. Oh fashion, how we love your capriciousness! But don’t be mislead that its been all about Paris this past year…

London has been revitalized and returned to its rightful place as a serious fashion contender bringing more excitement than Paris, Milan and New York put together. The move of Fashion Week to Somerset House was brilliant. The return of many huge labels to the London catwalks was really affirming of the new found power of London. We are no longer about mad, messy and misdirected creativity. The attitude and aptitude for innovation is more alive than ever, but now it seems to have been tempered with the sort of ‘finish’ and seriousness that is sometimes overlooked or perhaps just unexpected in London. We have a whole new world of Designers and brands in London that I think are of world beating caliber. We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop of any new names as they emerge in 2010.

2009 was also the year that there were some mega themes that transcended seasons and also stretched from high to low end. Studs were EVERYWHERE! Nude was the colour story of choice from high end to high street, but was challenged for the top spot by the classic, graphic look of monochromes. If geek chic was your thing, then you were in luck with mega specs and brilliant brogues. If you are all about super spangles and high glamour, high heels then 2009 was the perfect fashion year for you too. Oh, and how could we not mention super shoulders?! Did we already mention how we love fashion’s capricious moods?

Temper Trap encouraged us to have a ssswweeettt dddiiisspppoosiiittiion and Grace Jones showed that you should never stop shaking your tooshy. We have a fabulous time reporting from some really excellent festivals at home and away. The ‘Arts’ came through with some superb huge scale exhibitions, like Pop Art at the Tate Modern, and Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy, and we also loved discovering some mini arty moments that make London the diversely inspiration place that we are addicted to.

So what about 2010? Well, we think that this will be a very exciting time of unparalleled creativity. “Blink” will be there to tell you all about the new news. Its exciting to be feeling excited about whats to come! Bring it on!

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