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When retailing in Liberty last month we were, as usual, salivating over the stunning selection of new looks and beautiful presentation, but one label in particular sent our passion for fashion just a little over the normal state of excitement. There were a couple of mannequins styled in some amazingly constructed, almost patch-worked pieces that blended textiles and colour in a really fresh way. Our interest was piqued and we just had to know more. After searching down the mannequin’s back necks we saw the name ‘Michael Van der Ham‘. After a little online research we found out a bit more about this new designer.

This Dutch 24 year old is a recent graduate of Saint Martins. Van der Ham won the L’Oreal Professional Fashion Design Award for his Graduate collection in 2009, which was inspired by the dress collection created by Andy Warhol where he  dismantled designer dresses, mixed them up and reconstructed them into new dresses. He has taken this inspiration to a fabulous new level that feels perfect for the newly softened and relaxed formal mood that’s kicking off 2010.

Do head into Liberty for a closer look as our window shot really doesn’t do these styles justice.

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Michael van der Ham

Michael van der Ham

3 thoughts on “Blink Discoveries- Michael van der Ham

  1. after reading this I started noticing lots of stuff about Michael van der Ham. He’s brilliant. You are on it! Great heads up!

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