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On Friday we went along to the late night opening of the Anish Kapoor exhibition at The Royal Academy. It was a chilly night, feeling really quite festive- a feeling no doubt increased when we saw the Kapoor sculpture in the courtyard space. Its called ‘Tall Tree and the Eye’, which doesn’t give any hint that it was created with Christmas in mind, but I think it has to be the most amazing Christmas tree that I have ever seen. I want one of those at home! Forget hanging baubles. It IS the baubles. Go and see it, as our night time picture really doesn’t do it justice.

The exhibits inside the Royal Academy were less about Christmas, although I suppose some could be related to the ‘Virgin Birth’. Its quite a gynecological show! Well, you could say that its about general ‘downstairs’ bodily functions, but in a very high brow way. The exploration of scale, space, light, colour and texture is so inspiring. Its also very messy. Goodness only knows how he convinced the RA to allow him to explode, splatter and squidge stuff all over their historic interior. Its a beautiful show and I would encourage you to get there before it closes on 11th December.

We had to repair to The Wolesley afterward for a well deserved drink to get over all of the artistic excitement…

Tall Tree and the Eye

Tall Tree and the Eye

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  2. How on earth are they going to get all that wax off of the Royal Academy walls? Seriously, looks like a brill show and am v. jealous that I won’t get to see it in person…

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