“Blink” Interviews: Li Edelkoort on Technology

We hope that you enjoyed part 1 of our interview with Li Edelkoort. After discovering where Li finds inspiration, we turned to the subject of technology…

“Blink”: the way that we work at “Blink” is very different to how I was working as a designer and forecaster at the start of my career, and that is mainly due to new technology and the internet. How has technology impacted on the way that you work?

Li Edelkoort: access to the internet has hugely deepened the research factor. I really like it. For me it’s like walking along. You come across an image, which leads to a film, which then leads you on to a whole new subject. It is full of amazing traps and diversions.

It may save huge amounts of time, but it can also be very annoying because you just can’t stop!


It has also added wonderful new ways of working with our clients, and created new opportunities for us to share information and communicate our ideas. Last year we launched the Trend Tablet. Our aim was to make it a social website, like the Wikipedia of trends where everyone has the opportunity to contribute information. This free site is a place where you can see what the team are interested in and being influenced by, gaining an early insight into emerging trends, watching them evolve and grow. Trend Tablet has also linked in to Pinterest where we have set up some boards reflecting things that we are currently considering and discussing. Anyone can contribute to these boards by emailing us their images, adding to the social aspect of this part of our business.

design & photo by kathy klein

"In Circle(s)" design & photo by Kathy Klein, from 'Collages' on the Trend Tablet site, and also featured on the Pinterest board 'In Circles'

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