“Blink” Music: Beyonce 7/11

Yup, it’s a new year. To celebrate and inspired you, we’ll be featuring a series of predictions for 2015. Some will be from us, and others will be from industry experts, creatives and generally brilliant people that we admire.

The first prediction, seeing as it’s a Music Monday, is that we’ll all be clapping like we don’t care, moving our legs side to side and spinning with our hands up. All because Beyonce says we should. Well, she does make it look a whole heap of fun! I have listened to 7/11 so much, watched the video on a loop and I am yet to tire of it. I hope it lifts your spirits just like it does all of ours at Blink Towers.

Happy New Year to you all. It’s going to be a great one, so hold on to your hats and don’t forget your packed lunch. We are about to take a journey in to the future!

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