“Blink” reports- ‘Knitwear’

Right, so you’ve got the gist of things then? We create a stunning selection of product printed reports each month. You have seen some highlights from both ‘Print’ and ‘Jersey’ over the past few days, and today we look at the ‘Knit’ report.

Each reports contains over 140 images which have been shot and collated within a week (and sometimes even just a few days) of the report being issued. This is the perfect way to keep on top of what is happening in the ultra influential London market without you having to leave your desk. Well, unless you need to freshen up or get some coffee or something. Anyway, back to the point… We deliver you focused, fresh and fabulously inspirational information that is all about your area of interest. If knit is your thing, then you are investing your money in 100% relevant information. We won’t make you search for what you need to know. Its right here.

Okay, so now you are convinced of our brilliance here’s some pages from this month’s report for you. If you like what you see, and want to see more why not contact us or your nearest agent? Click here to see all of the contact details you’ll need. Enjoy!

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