Blink Reports: Knitwear

So we’ve shard with you the joy of our ‘Denim’ and ‘Jersey’ reports over the past couple of days. Today it’s the turn of our delightfully informative, inspirational and indispensable ‘Knit’ report. This is one of the most creative, versatile and exciting areas of any womenswear collection, so this is one of our most popular reports. Uniquely amongst our competition, we include lots of great yarn composition information alongside all of the brilliant style shots.

Here is a sneak peek at the first few pages in the November issue of this monthly report, and these were followed by almost 40 more pages; each one packed with amazingly detailed product shots. Over 100 images in total! Now, that’s a lot of wonderful inspiration for any buyer, designer, brand manager, retailer, merchandiser or creative director.

If you’d like to see a full version of this, or any of our reports, why not contact us or your nearest agent.

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