Blink Reports: November ’11 Print

We haven’t shared any of our reports with you for some time, so we thought it was well overdue for us to tout our wares to you. We’re starting our week long self indulgence with a little look at our ‘Print’ report. This is a preview from one of our five category specific reports. The other reports look at ‘Knit’, ‘Denim’, ‘Jersey’ and ‘Soft Wovens’. These all contain over 130 detailed images of whats looking good on the high street right now, plus a dash of vintage and some inspirational streetstyle. We also add pantone referenced colour palettes to every report bar ‘Denim’. This all combines to ensure that you’re perfectly updated, informed and inspired.

If you’d like to learn more about our reports have a look here. If you are interested in seeing the real deal in glorious technicolour hard copy, why not contact us or your nearest agent? Have a look here for all contact details.


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