“Blink” reports- ‘Soft Wovens’

Today we welcome you to the wonderful world of ‘Soft Wovens’. This is an increasingly important category, playing host to most of this season’s hottest styles. This has been the story since around this time last year when we saw a surge in interest in soft, light weight, diaphanous maxi’s, the pussy bow blouse and 70’s inspired evening jumpsuits. This Autumn Winter this category plays host to all of the brilliant midi skirts, from full and swishy to hobbling pencils.This is also where you find all of the brilliant shirt variations, translated into silky base cloths and worked in colour blocked beauty. Want to know what has happened to the perfect T shirt? Well, it’s now to be found in the ‘Soft Wovens’ department, made of a refined woven base cloth instead of jersey.

So, from that summary, we’re sure that you are either, as a retailer, dedicating lots of creativity and floor space to this section of your range, and as a shopper, we’re pretty confident that you are buying into this department on a regular basis. It’s an easy report to fill every month at the moment, with a constant influx of inspirational creativity hitting the high street. Have a look at a few of the pages from the last report that we published, but please do note that these are just the tip of the report iceberg as there were over 45 pages in this report in total, all packed with fantastic product shots, colour palettes, streetstyle and even a little vintage.

If you’d like to see more on this report, or the others in our offer, why not sneak a peek at the full portfolio by clicking here, or contact us or your nearest agent to see the whole of each report in their impressive printed form. You can find all the relevant contact details by clicking here. Enjoy!


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