“Blink” Retail: Fashion fantasy versus reality

an angora rabbit, image from Pinterest, with thanks

an angora rabbit, image from Pinterest, with thanks

How cute is that little fluffy being? That my friends, is an angora rabbit, and this amazing wonder of nature and good breeding has actually ignited a bit of a passion in me. That passion is founded in busting some of my own myths, and some myths that many of us conveniently hold to justify our moral choices when it come to fashion.

You see, I am a pescatatrian who was for many, many years a vegetarian. I recycle. I buy eggs that have been laid by chickens that have a fortnightly mani pedi and are hand fed by virgin farm hands dressed only in eco cotton. I wear leather because in my mind I can justify it as a bi-product of the meat industry (even though I don’t eat meat), and for the same reason I don’t mind sheepskin; however I am rather Milly Tant when it comes to fur which in my mind can never, ever be justified as a fashion material (so what if your coat is vintage, what kind of excuse is that???).

Back to that little fluff-ball bunny. This is part of one of my rather romantic myths. You see when I studied textiles the impression that I took away about the production of fibres like angora, is that these creatures are lovingly cared for and that the hair is gently harvested by combing the creatures in something resembling a visit to the beauty parlour, like in this rather charming vintage image.

image from Pinterest with thanks

image from Pinterest with thanks

Well, my esteemed fashion blogger friend, Disneyrollergirl, posted about the reality of angora production after seeing some coverage by PETA. Well, my myth on angora production has been truly blown apart. Likewise with my thoughts on the wonder of wool and supporting British producers. Those PETA guys don’t spare the gory details…

When did we get so heartless, careless and devoid of basic moral standards as members of the fashion industry and as consumers? I do believe it could be a case of  ‘out of sight, out of mind’ in combination with our convenient blind spots and those darn comfy myths that I mentioned earlier. So this is what I am aiming to do; i want to get to the truth of some of these things, without horrifying you with images that are too graphic but also without scrimping on the facts of the matter. I think if we all care so much about happy chickens laying our breakfast eggs and well cared for pigs in our pork sausages, we should also care about the production of the garments and accessories we wear. After all, fashion is supposed to be an expression of your inner self, so is your inner self a heartless bitch or does she actually give a shit?

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  1. Very well said. I hadn’t even really thought about it. Looking forward to your investigations.

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