Blink Retail: Louis Vuitton’s beautiful bag explosion

If you have been patiently waiting since we tweeted about spotting this on Monday, we do apologize for the wait and hope you think it was worth holding out for! On our usual retail researching jaunt down Sloane Street, we always know that there will be a visual treat or two.

I have to say that this LV store rarely disappoints. It may not have the moving parts and bright lights of its Bond Street sister, but it manages to impress never the less. The VM team (who are you? Please drop us a line to say ‘Hi’!) work the space that they have to really great effect. These dandelion style explosions of LV symbols is just delicious, framing the utterly delectable bags in a sunshiney halo. Then there’s the melting, super sheeny platform, which then seems to drip drop into a molten puddle below. I don’t really know what the symbolic meaning of it all is, but I do know that I like it. A lot.

Louis Vuitton, Sloane Street

Louis Vuitton, Sloane Street

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