“Blink” Retail: Selfridges gets Acne

Selfridges have been slowly but surely overhauling their fashion floors, and the transformation is almost done. Before the changes, Selfridges was already a fabulous fashion destination- but now it’s a superior style shopping hot spot!

When I popped in yesterday I was delighted to spy some more changes on the 3rd floor. Acne now have a gorgeous dedicated space. It’s a plush, yet minimalist spot. There’s not a huge amount of product, but that in fact makes it feel even more appealing and innovative. It feels like a gallery space rather than the, perhaps more normal ‘sales per square foot’ driven experience. I guess that also reflects the fact that, although Acne is not ultra high end, the price level and handwriting is still pretty aspirational. Beautiful.

Acne's new space in Selfridges

Acne's new space in Selfridges

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