“Blink” Retails: Fashion Confusion at Gucci

If you’re anything like me right now, you are wearing so many layers that it’s a struggle to move about. It is rather chilly in London, and when it’s not frosty bright, it’s grey and chucking it down, cats and dogs style. The most sensible course of action is to stay indoors with the heating turned up and a hot toddy on the go (purely for medicinal purposes, obviously). Well, you’d think in reflection of the time of year, store windows would be filled with wooly jumpers, warm coats, hats and scarves. Oh, we’ll allow them the odd sequin too as it is now officially the Christmas party season.

It seems that’s not the case for Gucci. We spotted this look last week on Sloane Street. Yes folks, those are posh flip flop style sandals under that strappy maxi dress. It makes my extremities go goose bumpy and gets my head very confused to see this in November. Please fashion, can we just slow down a tad?

Gucci, Sloane Street

Gucci, Sloane Street

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