“Blink” Travels: Karl Lagerfeld in Paris

I kind of have a love/ hate thing with Karl Lagerfeld. I get a bit rankled by how deeply affected he appears, just adding to the myth that you have to be mental to be a grand force in fashion. I’m not a huge fan of his own label, and yet I adore what he has achieved season upon season at Chanel, and I also am a huge fan of Fendi. I’m also more enamored of him due to his love for his cat, Choupette (though slightly worried by his apparent desire to marry said cat…). Another huge point in the ‘love’ list is the he seems to have a rather good sense of humour. How else would Kaiser Karl have sanctioned this hilariously cute mini version of himself?

Karl Lagerfeld, Paris

Karl Lagerfeld, Paris

We spotted this in the Karl Lagerfeld store in Le Marais, Paris. So in balance, we do love you Karl, but would love you even more if you busted a bit of colour and left the gloves at home occasionally…

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