Colour Palettes: Slip into Neutral

This is probably one of our favourite looks from London Fashion Week, and we held it back to make sure you didn’t miss it in the melee.

Here is a taster of real and realistic Autumn 2010 style. It features neppy, tweedy looking unstructured knitwear that feels influenced by the super hot ‘cape’ shape. A subtle take on utility chic with those chino-esque trousers, a mood enhanced by those fantastic lace up boots. All hooked together by this brilliant neutral palette of honey, caramel, camel and blonde shades. I think the smile helps too. She looks very comfortable in her own tres chic skin, and who wouldn’t aspire to that?

The palette features oak (pantone 16-1407 TPX), silver fox (15-4503 TPX), pale oats (12-0304 TPX), tea (14-1112 TPX), sand (16-1320 TPX), caramel (17-1417 TPX) and noisette (18-1612 TPX).

Click here for more colour palettes.

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

3 thoughts on “Colour Palettes: Slip into Neutral

  1. Hey Lilian, ‘neppy’ is a term used to describe those little bobbles of texture and colour usually found in a Donegal style tweed, and sometimes replicated in tweedy style knitting yarns- like the ones on her fab sweater. Hope that clears it up for ya! Thanks for taking the time to comment. We really appreciate it!

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