Details- the eyes have it

We’ve noticed this new look for make up coming through. It was really strong on the festival circuit, and we wondered if it was perhaps just a festival phenomenon- however, these shots are from the high street to high fashion so we think this is something to look out for…

The drama focused on and around the eyes somehow feels more like an accessory rather than a pure ‘make up’ trend. The images show the variations that are out there, from super strong to sleek and subtle. It’s theatrical yet modern. We’re working out whether we can get away with it when we pop to get our morning coffee.

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London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

6 thoughts on “Details- the eyes have it

  1. blink….. your blogs just getting better and better…….. how bloomin fabulous you are!

  2. the middle one looks a bit like a minimal modern version of an ‘Adam and the Ants’ look. New New Romantic perhaps?!

  3. I love your blog! So stylish, and fun! Brooke sent me the link so glad she did….it’s on my list of faves now. The makeup artist in me Loves all the ‘eye shots’

    Take Care

    Kim Anderson

  4. This is so different than anything I have seen on the streets of Salt Lake City. Why is fashion in London always so radical? What do you people need to prove?

  5. Well, I can see a touch of this working for a night out on the town, but before 12??? Errr, perhaps a bit too clownish for me, especially for the first latte of the day…

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