London Fashion Week, February 2010

For the past few days, London as been hostess to the global fashion community. Those who couldn’t make it here in person would have been avidly following and Twitter or live streaming the shows to ensure that no detail, however small, wasn’t missed.

“Blink” has been there, braving snow and rain to capture the atmosphere on your behalf. We have some great people shots for you which we’ll be posting in bite-size summaries. There’s also extra fashion insider info from us on Twitter.

Here’s a picture of the stunning main Fashion Week location, Somerset House, just to start the posting off. It looks like a mid Summer sky, but believe me, it was fffrreeezzziiinngg!

Somerset House

Somerset House

2 thoughts on “London Fashion Week, February 2010

  1. Hey Graphical. It was taken with our new favourite, the Canon Powershot S90. Highly recommended by “Blink”! Glad you like the picture, and thanks for all your comments.

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