So far, so good?

Well, another round of ‘Fashion Weeks’ has come and gone, which got me to thinking that its been one whole cycle since we started this here blog. I wanted to mark the occasion with a moment to look back and say “Wow, what a six months it been!”. Thanks to all of our readers and subscribers, and especially to those of you who have left comments on our posts. We really hope that you’ve all loved how the blog has developed. We’ve certainly loved pulling it all together for you. Who knew this would be so¬† much fun?!?

I really want to make sure that the blog is delivering you the kind of content that you’re excited by. In order to do that I’d love to get some more feedback from you all. Please leave us some comments on what you’ve been inspired by, what you’d like more of, some subject matters or events that you think we should be looking at, well, anything really.

We’re here, ready and waiting to hear from you. Come on!

Oh, and just ‘cos its a bit weird for us to post without a nice image for you to enjoy, here’s a picture that we’ve been waiting for the right moment to post. We spotted this at the ferry terminal when we were setting off for Bestival. I think it has to be the best use of this type of clock ever seen. Genius!

7 thoughts on “So far, so good?

  1. Thanks to you all for the feedback. I’ll take it all on board and try to add more nutty outfits, more shop info and hopefully keep inspiring you.
    Keep up with the comments please. Its great to hear from you.

  2. Love checking out your new posts on Facebook. Makes us in the suburbs feel inspired!

  3. I love that I get to know when you have new posts via facebook. Also loving your witty commentaries, makes a refreshing change from a lot of the self-important nonsense written by a lot of fashion folk!

  4. Over here in the Colonies (Toronto, Canada) I am SO enjoying my Blink hits every morning. Lovely to get news of fashion and trends as they evolve on the streets across the pond, unfiltered by conventional fashion media. Keep up the good work!

  5. I love all your people pics. Well pulled together in clear statements. You’ve covered some cool events too. Really great diverse content. LOVE IT!

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