Streetstyle: ‘In Fashion’ Focus, part 1

So, the Centre for Sustainable Fashion‘s blog theme for this month is ‘In Fashion’. We decided to head out into the streets and see what this means to you, to help us create our guest blog post for them. Asta shot some great looks in East London, and captured some great soundbites too. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s take on the question “What does ‘In Fashion’ means to you?”.

We love the posts so much that we decided to double dip and share them with you on our blog too, and here’s the first installment. Enjoy!

Steph, Columbia Road "I try to stay quite classic. I mostly stick with black and white. But then again, I'm probably always combining this with bits of color so that it's not too boring."

Emily, Shoreditch High Street "I work in the fashion industry, for Next Model management, and I enjoy the fast nature of fashion. I guess I always try and stick with it, even though its difficult. I enjoy going to London Fashion Week and see how what's on the catwalks arrives in the high street shops."

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