Streetstyle: ‘In Fashion’ Focus, part 2

Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s a couple of more East London lookers for you. Pulling these posts together has really made me wonder what ‘In Fashion’ means to me too. I think it might be more important to be comfortable in your own skin, rocking your own style and expressing your personality, but there is certainly a lot of comfort in looking ‘the part’, keeping up with the prevailing trends and ensuring you don’t stand too far out from the crowd. I suppose that the trick is pulling that off while keeping a lot of your own personality in there too…

Bartek, Brick Lane ( "I don't care about fashion. I just mix vintage with new. I try not to take myself too seriously. It works- today 4 people asked me if they could take my picture."

Dulia and Benjamin, Brick Lane Dulia: "We don't really think about fashion as such. I think we're trying to have fun with what we wear. Of course we're influenced by trends, but only to a certain extent." Benjamin: "It's funny because I think that subconsciously we always kind of match. Look at your socks and my trousers!"

For more “Blink” streetsyle, just click here. Enjoy!

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