“Blink” Music: Bipolar Sunshine ‘Love More Worry Less’

Morning all you lovely people. Today we have chosen a track from an artist that we have featured before as part of the great Bacardi Beginnings project, Bipolar Sunshine. Have a look at the previous posts to get some background on this talented artist. Lets get straight into the track that we have decided is our mantra for at least the rest of this week. We could all do with worrying less and loving more, right?


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“Blink” Events: Bacardi Beginnings introduces Bipolar Sunshine

So, if you’re as excited as us about our earlier announcement of the Rudimental gig for the Bacaradi Beginnings collaborations project, you’re probably wondering who this Bipolar Sunshine guy is, and what he’ll be bringing to the party…

Well, your wish is our command!

I think this is going to be an amazing collaboration. See you there!